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    What happens to the states that don't have exchanges?

    I'm curious I remember a big deal being made about some states refusing to set up exchanges but now it doesn't seem to matter what's the deal?
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    If a government employee is non essential why are we paying them?

    Seriously if we can get by when the government is "shutdown" shouldn't we keep it that way and fire those that are unnecessary?
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    Video makes interesting point about professors anti conservative rant.

    Now I know campus reforms not the best source but I think this video makes a interesting point. Why is Michigan state proffesor William pen still eplyed with the university after these comments. Wouldnt he have been fired if this was a rant against liberalism or the lgbt movement? I don't know...
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    Is Rand Paul the unifying candidate?

    I keep listening to his comments to Kerry and I keep thinking he might be able to bring together the right and left and be a great president.? I see him being anti war, pro privacy and hands off on social issues and see some great things to come. I think if he can sell people on the idea that...
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    Are you ready for some football!

    It's game day baby get excited I don't care if your a raging communist or anarchist sit down shut up crack a beer and get ready to cheer!
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    No black conservatives invited to speak at march anniversary.

    How disgustingly political of them, they didn't invite the only black senator to speak because he was conservative had he been liberal he would have been invited in a heart beat. Especially when you are comemerating the "I have a dream" speach which is the conservative message. If your as...
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    Interesting video explains problems with the minimum wage.

    What are you guys thoughts on this?
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    Sad state of civics in college education

    http://www.campusreform.org/blog/?ID=4903 This is really sad what once was a arena for people to play with huge complex ideas and philosophies regarding politics are now becoming nothing more than diploma factories.
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    Proof that the Zimmerman case coverage was about politics not the case itself

    Michelle Malkin | Jamiel's Law: The revolt against L.A.'s illegal alien sanctuary policy « Jamiel shaw was targeting by a illegal immagrants gang member as a rival gang member because he was black when he said he wasn't a gang member that did not convince the gangbanger he shoot him just to be...
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    Jentel thinks trayvon hit first.

    Rachel Jeantel: 'I Believe Trayvon Hit First' (VIDEO) If her estimation here is correct wouldn't this make z entirely justified?
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    Obamacares flaws

    I am starting to think that this bill was intentionally made flawed to make the single payer system seem like the only reasonable choice. Am I just being paranoid or do you think that is what's actually going on?
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    The 4th of July weekend

    I have no doubt that many of you took time to enjoy the long weekend traveling, grilling and drinking. Also have no doubt that some of you where stopped at DUI checkpoints as well. While I have never encountered one of these I do find their existence disturbing. Now after seeing a video account...
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    Why should republicans trust this imigration bill?

    I have been looking at this and imigration bill and It seems to me awfully reminiscent of the 86 and 07 plans that had the imigration reform first and border security second. In both of thes past examples the reform happened and the border security promised never came. With this bills promise of...
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    Cornyn Amendment

    The amendment the senator offered is simple and straight to the point but is causing some argument in DC. I looked it over and did not see anything rnherientltly wrong with it, take a look and tell me what you think? (A) not earlier than 9 years and 6 months after the date of the enactment of...
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    Rewarding law breaking.

    Where else do we let the criminal keep the goal of their law breaking? If 11 million people robbed a bank would we throw up our hands and say there are to many to inforce the law and make a path to pardon that allowed them to keep the money? No! Then why are we doing this with imigration.
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    What happens if potus knew about these scandals before the election?

    First off this is not a thread to discus wether the president did or did not know and when. The point of this is to ask what would happen theoretically if a president knew about scandals and hid then till after election ? What would be the course of action?
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    California shooting [W:936]

    Police: 5 dead in California shooting, including gunman - CNN.com How could this have happed shooting people was illegal and you've almost abolished the second but yet it still happens. I though making something illegal was supposed to prevent it from happening.Huh it's almost as if these...
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    Opertunity Cost of saftey net programs

    I talked a little about this in a post in the discussion on the presidents Coolidge and FDR, but I wanted to expand on it and get some more feedback on the subject. So for those of you who didn't read the other thread let me recap for you. When talking about this last recession many have said...
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    What's causing the increase in military sexual assualt?

    Is this just the exposure of abuse that already existed or is this the result of an increase in women in close quarters combat roles into a heavily male dominated testosterone heavy Enviorment?
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    Acting IRS Calls the scandal bad costumer service.

    Washington Post Am I missing something, do I have another choice in federal tax collecting service? Cause if not i am not your coustomer I am you cow to be milked as much as possible. That is really telling to me that she thinks we are her coustomers, being a coustomer involves choice in taxs...
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