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  1. sawdust

    Kim Davis meets the Pope

    Well this is interesting. Kim Davis met the Pope. I am not religious. I think the Pope is a pain in the ass and should stick to religion and stay out of economics and science because he has no background other than taking a chemistry class decades ago. It's interesting to me because the left...
  2. sawdust

    Top scientist resigns from post - admits Global Warming is a scam

    This is worth reading in it's entirety. Professor Emiritus Hal Lewis Resigns from American Physical Society ? reasonmclucus - My Telegraph
  3. sawdust

    Pope Isn't Fond of Obama's Guest List

    Vatican Disputes White House Guest List for Papal Visit - WSJ Who'd a thunk.
  4. sawdust

    Putin Wants Deal With US In Syria

    Putin jockeying for deal with US on Syria AP reports I will admit that I have no idea why we are at odds with Assad. He's a tyrant but we've supported tyrants before. As I stated prior to the war in Iraq, Hussein was someone else's tyrant, not my problem. Now Russia is sending military...
  5. sawdust

    Pope says Abortion and Climate Change are Interrelated.

    Yesterday liberals were excited that the Pope believes in AGW. Well, be excited about this. Pope Francis: Climate Change and Abortion Are ?Interrelated? - NationalJournal.com
  6. sawdust

    ISIS claims it will have a nuke in a year.

    Isis claims it could buy its first nuclear weapon from Pakistan within 12 months - Middle East - World - The Independent What will Barak do?
  7. sawdust

    I need opinions.

    I don't know where to put this. I watched it until it became conspiratorial. The first part dealt with demographics which I found interesting and a little disturbing. It explained to me why the chamber of commerce supports a liberal immigration policy. American's generally, whites...
  8. sawdust

    Cut the Cake raises over 8,000 dollars in two days

    Someone posted a video asking Cut the Cake bakery in Florida to bake a sheet cake with the inscription "We do not support gay marriage". They hung up on the caller. Now you can go to go fund me and donate money to them. Not sure why. Support Cut The Cake by Cyndol Lee Knarr - GoFundMe
  9. sawdust

    Memories Pizza Raises 100k in 24 hours

    Indiana Pizzeria Raised Almost 100K In Less Than 24 Hours | The Daily Caller Well, I guess I don't have to feel sorry for the folks who own Memories Pizza. A Go Fund Me page raised over 100k in 24 hours to offset their losses due to their stand about gay wedding pizza.
  10. sawdust

    Tom Brady owes the IRS over 60 grand for winning Super Bowl.

    Tom Brady faces $60,500 IRS bill for winning Super Bowl | WashingtonExaminer.com This is just wrong.
  11. sawdust

    Obama interfering in Israel elections

    Obama Campaign Team Arrives in Israel to Defeat Netanyahu in March Elections - Breitbart Is it just me or is this the height of hubris? This administration is famously pro Muslim and anti Israel. How in the world can Obama believe that sending his operatives to Israel will help any...
  12. sawdust

    North Korea Loses it's internet.

    North Korea suffering major Internet outages: Report Somebody broke it.
  13. sawdust


    Dolly Parton at 33 1/3
  14. sawdust

    I Am Proud of Our President

    He met with the Pope. They sat across the desk from each other. He was able to do this without putting his feet on the desk. Now if we could encourage him to treat the Resolute Desk with equal respect.
  15. sawdust

    The Laffer Curve

    Through the years many liberals have told me how wrong the concept behind the Laffer Curve is. I could never understand why they thought it was wrong. Please watch the video and tell me what doesn't make sense. Thanks in advance.
  16. sawdust

    Government Series Gibson Guitar.

    Gibson Guitars donates to Republican candidates. Fender on the other hand donates to Democrats. Par for the coarse under the Tammany Hall political guidance of the Obama administration, Gibson was raided a while back for supposedly importing banned rosewood. As I remember, the rosewood didn't...
  17. sawdust

    Dear Lefties

    Mike Huckabee says that the left is trying to knock him out of consideration in the upcoming Presidential election. Good luck and keep up the good work. Huckabee Responds: Left Trying To "Knock Me Out Early" | Video | RealClearPolitics
  18. sawdust

    Global Cooling

    I've said it before. I believe in global warming. I believe in global cooling. I don't believe the climate will ever be the same all the time. AGW is an interesting theory, but is not settled science. In the 70's Nigel Calder wrote a book about the coming ice age. Now he's a proponent of...
  19. sawdust

    Reuters Says the Obamacare Death Spiral Has Begun

    One could only hope.
  20. sawdust

    A J McCarron

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