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  1. SBu

    Genetically modified Mosquitos!!!! Ahhhhh

    An Oxford affiliated firm has bio-engineered a form of mosquito that is able to reduce the overall population of mosquito in the wild. The male versions of this mosquito, when introduced to the wild, mate with their wild female counterparts, but due to the genetic modification the larvae...
  2. SBu

    US military rethinking its withdrawl timeline in Afghanistan

    As much as it stinks to have to stay in Afghanistan, it seems like the reality of that necessity is beginning to possibly sink in in the WH. Hopefully, this will be a lesson learned from the Iraq situation. Politically, it's 1 of 2 things: -either the WH is truly on board with this...
  3. SBu

    It's midnight in Ukraine Feb. 15th

    A thread to discuss the latest ceasefire, it's implementation, and fallout. BBC News - Ukraine crisis: Fighting rages as ceasefire nears
  4. SBu

    Time to leave the Middle East before perpetual war becomes normal

    The price of maintaining perpetual military engagement in the ME is not worth the benefits. The price (facts): -about: $1,570,000,000,000.00 (that's what 1.57 trillion $ looks like) -4,486 Americans killed in Iraq -2,201 Americans killed in Afghanistan -annual Military funding to useless...
  5. SBu

    The Shangri La Dialogue: Where is Asia heading?

    The US is finally wising up to China's strategic goal to establish hegemony over all of Asia, particularly focusing on the South China Sea and East China Sea regions. Recent developments include: Several clashes between the Philippines and China The Philippines sueing China for its aggressive...
  6. SBu

    What happened to the Malaysian jet and why?

    Well here goes. Never posted in this forum before, but this is the biggest aviation mystery of our time and I think could pose an interesting conspiracy debate. I still think the flight experienced some catastrophic failure, but let's examine the other possibilities. Assuming that the...
  7. SBu

    Signs that your neighbor is selling drugs

    I'm a little suspicious that my neighbor (new renter in the house next door) might be selling drugs. All manner of people stopping by there throughout the day/night, and most of them disheveled or wearing the kind of clothes you might associate with that activity. Could be harmless, but it's...
  8. SBu

    Gestures that are unexplainably upsetting to you

    Everyone has one. Here's mine: Thumb on top of clenched fist while shaking it at people. I can't stand it! Now that you are qued into it, it will drive you crazy too. You're welcome. Why I hate it: It is an insincere gesture probably taught to all politicians at debate school because...
  9. SBu

    Dow drops around 7% in January/early Feb.

    Today we saw a 330 point drop in the Dow and similar downward correction in other indexes. All in all about 6-7% drop in a week and a half or so. Investors are jittery about the Fed tapering its QE, debt limit beginning to creep into the conversation, weak jobs report last week, weak...
  10. SBu

    Jesus: who was he?

    (Posted here vice religious discussion forum because it sounds quite restrictive) Something that I've been interested in for a while. Who was he? We actually know very little about Jesus. Born Bethlehem sometime around 2010 +/- 10yrs ago, the circumstances around which are vague, a mention or...
  11. SBu

    Starbucks takes on small town brewery. Brewery wins the classy award in the bout.

    Pretty funny. You'll enjoy. Exit 6 Brewpub Gives Extra-Witty Response to Starbucks Cease & Desist Letter | KegWorks Blog
  12. SBu

    Iraq militants 'still control parts of western cities'

    BBC News - Iraq militants 'still control parts of western cities' The struggle between Sunni and Shi'i , fundamentalism and secularism still rages in the ME. Pro-rebel Lebanon v. Pro-Assad Hezbollah, Syria civil war, Iraq civil war, Israel/Saudis v. Iran, Egyptian secularists v. muslim...
  13. SBu

    Property rights: Reciprication a Must.

    Western framed economies are selling out. Why is it that western states allow foreigners from countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. to buy property willy nilly in their states, when the opposite is not true in those countries? Equal reciprocity is a must in international relations...
  14. SBu

    Top 5 Challenges for 2014

    The pessimists preview of 2014. Which 5 of these potential headlines do you think are most likely in 2014? If yours is not listed, feel free to add it in a comment. Poll to follow with multiple choice options (10 is the max so apologize in advance if your cause d'etre is not represented)...
  15. SBu

    Thailand protesters gather peacefully after earlier rally turned violent

    Thailand protesters gather peacefully; earlier rally turned violent - CNN.com The prevailing opinion in Bangkok is that the Thaksin camp used and continues to use coersion, bribery, and corruption to maintain their power. Urban Thais are mostly fed up with the dirty politics of the Thaksin...
  16. SBu

    World without nuclear weapons?

    Would a world without nuclear weapons be a safer or more dangerous place? The first impulse to resist is 'nuclear weapons = bad, therefore no nuclear weapons = good.' Once you get passed that, then you may find that the deterrent effect nuclear weapons provide far outweighs their...
  17. SBu

    China slams 'inappropriate' U.S. remarks on territorial dispute with Japan

    Here we go again. China attempting to bully its way into eventual more aggressive claim of the Senkaku Islands. I guess claiming the entire South China Sea isn't enough for China, now they are more aggressively eying the East China Sea. They may find it harder to bully around Japan, S. Korea...
  18. SBu

    Foreign Criticism of the US

    So here's my beef. A citizen of another country joins the website, gets a couple posts under their belt, and then opens up a thread criticizing the US using arguments that span a century or two in the making. Usually these are poorly written rambling arguments born mostly of emotion and...
  19. SBu

    Should the executive branch be held more accountable to the legislative branch?

    I haven't watched a lot of parliamentary proceedings of our friends across the pond, but the little that I have seen intrigues me. The Prime Minister is forced to answer questions and address concerns real time and while there is a system of questioning and answering, it is refreshingly...
  20. SBu

    Ladies, mustache or no mustache?

    Ladies, it's Movember and seeking your insight. Mustache or no Mustache...that is the question. Perhaps conditional mustache? Movember - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Poll to follow...
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