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  1. falcata

    Opinion on VICE

    I've been watching their videos for a decent amount of time now, and I've been very impressed with their content and their coverage of stories that don't normally get a lot of attention. I'm just curious if anyone else here watches or has watched VICE and has any opinion about them. Also I just...
  2. falcata

    Roll Your Owns

    Does anyone else on this forum smoke roll your owns? I admittedly only smoke around 1 to 1 and half a day, but since switching from cigarettes and cigarillos to them I spend much less money, and enjoy the whole experience so much more.
  3. falcata

    Recent Chinese Efforts To Claim Air Space also a potentiall move on Taiwan?

    While reading about the recent conflict of interests between the Chinese and U.S/the Japanese, I was wondering if China was considering this as a potential move on Taiwan as well. I did read about the apparent natural resources the that are within the area, though I also saw a lot of people...
  4. falcata

    To Christianity is Islam and Judaism Heathenish or Heretical?

    I was curious about the answer to this since all three are considered Abrahamic religions. This of course revolves around what exactly makes a heretic or a heathen, but since I am unaware what that precedent is I wanted to ask what people generally thought.
  5. falcata

    Australian Gun Control

    Unfortunately the 3rd part of this series has not yet been posted on Youtube as of yet. I understand that many people on this site believe that gun control measures don't work. Some people say specifically in America this won't work, and some say that it doesn't work at all. Though after...
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