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  1. polgara

    john glenn

    I saw flags at half staff today when I went grocery shopping and wondered why. I called our City Offices and was told that it was in honor of Ohioan John Glenn, the astronaut who returned to space on October 29, 1998 on the space shuttle Discovery, and became the oldest human at age 77 to ever...
  2. polgara

    welome to TU Curmudgeon

    :wcm: TU Curmudgeon! Glad you decided to join us - I think you'll have fun here!
  3. polgara

    Blue Moon Notice

    BLUE MOON ALERT We have a very unusual celestial event taking place tonight. We have a second full moon in the same month - the first was March 1. Because it's the second, it is called a Blue Moon, not because the moon will be blue - it won't be - but because it's a rarity; hence the saying...
  4. polgara

    Budget Discussion

    I have just read that Congress is having a very difficult time finding ways to cut $30 billion dollars from the latest budget request from President Obama which totals over $4 trillion dollars! If that's true, and I don't doubt that it is, I would like to hear comments and suggestions on what we...
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