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  1. Allan

    Trump lawyer refused to report all Mar-a-Lago records had been turned in

    I guess Trump will be suing the Guardian now. Link
  2. Allan

    Nuclear attack in Ukraine should spark ‘devastating’ Nato response, says Polish foreign minister

    On the weekend we heard that Biden had delivered a strong message to Putin as to what the response would be should Russia attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons. Now thanks to the Polish Foreign Minister we know what that message was - full NATO response, short of a nuclear attack. Link The...
  3. Allan

    Income required to buy a home in Canada

    Interesting article here on the income necessary to buy a home in major Canadian cities. Prices are down but still very high in many cities. The required income ranges from $76,220 (Winnipeg) to $223,850 (Vancouver). Toronto is $213,950. I assume Vancouver and Toronto prices include nearby...
  4. Allan

    Question for Canadians re our flag

    When you see the Canadian Flag flying from cars and trucks do you look at that differently since the trucker's protest? I used to think about it in terms of a person proud of their country, or too lazy to take it down after Canada Day. Now I think 'dickhead'. Makes me sad. :(
  5. Allan

    Do you know a psychopath?

    Decades ago Dr. Robert Hare* looked at commonalities in people diagnosed as psychopaths. He identified a number of elements including glibness, lack of remorse, a conning personality, impulsivity and others that seemed to be common traits. He determined that about 1% of the population are...
  6. Allan

    Why the monarchy can't be abolished in Canada

    Of course it's possible legally to change our government structure to eliminate the monarchy. The hitch: everyone has to agree to it. Parliament including the Senate, the Provinces including Quebec, and Indigenous groups (who are very much loyalists), all need to sign up. The government...
  7. Allan

    Canada National Dental Care Program

    Trudeau just announced a plan to introduce a national dental care plan. This would start with coverage for people under 18, people with disabilities and seniors. Thoughts?
  8. Allan

    Why Donald Trump will soon be indicted

    Andrew Napolitano is a Fox News commentator and retired judge. Writing in the Washington Times he feels that Trump will soon be indicted and lays out the reasons for his opinion. He touches on the 'declassified' defence. Napolitano feels Trump made a huge legal blunder when he used the...
  9. Allan

    Trump backed failed campaign coup against Kushner

    Some interesting palace intrigue in a new book by Peter Navarro. Rest of the sad tale. I hope you're all sitting down for this but I don't think Trump knows what he's doing. How many campaign managers did he go through his first campaign?
  10. Allan

    New Conservative leader

    So Pierre Poilievre wins the race to be Conservative Party of Canada leader. What do Canadians think?
  11. Allan

    Have you seen the Queen in person?

    She's so well traveled (22 times to Canada, 17 to the US I think) that I bet a lot of people here have seen her in person. I've seen her twice. The first time was in a little town called Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba when she visited for our centenary in 1970. I was 11 years old and our entire...
  12. Allan

    Drunk Rudy

    "Only the best" Trump assured us. Link
  13. Allan

    Russian Officials Propose Overthrowing Putin, Charging Him With Treason

    This is only a municipal district but the open challenge to Putin might just be the start of something. Link
  14. Allan

    Trump compares Biden to Xi

    Last night at his rally Trump criticized Biden for not being at the top of his game like "president for life" Xi. The Chinese President rules with an iron fist he admiringly explains.
  15. Allan

    Trump will pardon Jan 6 insurrectionists

    Not only a pardon but an apology.
  16. Allan

    Mike Lindell blames failed voter fraud summit on Big Tech ‘conspiracy’

    Are people tiring of the election fraud stuff or is Mike too kooky for even MAGA? Rest of the article
  17. Allan

    Queen of Canada

    No, not The Queen but this one... Rest of the article
  18. Allan

    Jan. 6 Panel Questions Trump Cabinet Members on 25th Amendment Talks

    I think the next phase of public hearings are going to be must-watch. I expect a few of his Cabinet thought he was truly bonkers and as such a danger to the country. Link
  19. Allan

    Rick Scott steps in it

    Rick makes a mess of it. Article
  20. Allan

    A Russian soldier's perspective on the invasion

    They don’t know why they are there, are poorly equipped and surprised that Ukraines didn't want to be liberated. Rest of the article
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