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  1. Skeptic Bob

    Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns, showing how his 2016 presidential run vaulted him i

    Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns, showing how his 2016 presidential run vaulted him into wealth - CNNPolitics I know we had some people here calling him a hypocrite for demanding Trump's returns when he hadn't released his, except for a small portion. I assume this will satisfy...
  2. Skeptic Bob

    Memory and legal/moral accountability

    Let’s say you commit a murder. Normally you are a law abiding person but in the heat of the moment, maybe due to adultery or something, you snap and kill a person. You are arrested, convicted, and sent to prison with a life sentence. A few months later something happens. Maybe you are hit over...
  3. Skeptic Bob

    How many "offline" people do you know?

    Today was my paternal grandmother's birthday and I called to tell her Happy Birthday. She turned 83. It was a difficult phone conversation because she couldn't hear me due to her loss of hearing. I realized that she was the only person I know in real life that doesn't text and has never even...
  4. Skeptic Bob

    Clearing the air on a white lie

    A conversation I just had reminded me of a little lie I told when I first joined this forum. I said that I had just retired from the Army after spending most of my career working out of embassies. That wasn't entirely true. I was career Army and did work from embassies, but I hadn't retired yet...
  5. Skeptic Bob

    Joker - Trailer

    After Heath Ledger I had zero optimism that I would ever like another Joker on the same level (live action at least). Just as nobody has ever replaced Christopher Reeve’s Superman for me. But from this trailer and their actor choice I think I may have been too pessimistic. It looks dark, but...
  6. Skeptic Bob

    Dems should stick to the proven facts about Trump

    We still don’t know the details about Mueller’s report, but so far my prediction that Trump wouldn’t be directly connected to any Russian collusion seems to be holding up. Personally, moving into the 2020 election cycle I think the Dems should drop collusion as an issue. But there is something...
  7. Skeptic Bob

    The problem with blaming the Swamp/"Deep State" for Trump failures

    We hear it it here over and over, that the Swamp and "Deep State" are in part to blame for Trump not accomplishing his goals. I don't think Trump supporters realize how that just makes Trump look even more incompetent. He is the POTUS, it is his responsibility to build and maintain a...
  8. Skeptic Bob

    What are your first memories of the internet?

    I thought it would be fun to ask what everyone’s first memories of the internet were. Some indicators of your age at the time might be useful as well. I was a senior in high school in 1992 when some guy came and spoke to our economics class about something called the World Wide Web. I remember...
  9. Skeptic Bob

    Your favorite Rock, Country, Rap and Pop artists

    Name your favorite artist/group from each of these four major musical genres. Might be tough for those who don't enjoy all four but give it a try. I'll start: Rock: Jimi Hendrix Pop: Prince (I know it is hard to pin him down to a genre but I'll take him as the King of Pop over MJ any day, and I...
  10. Skeptic Bob

    What will Trump’s 2020 Campaign Slogan be?

    Trump’s current campaign slogan is arguably one of the more controversial ones there have been, depending on the perspective you bring. That said, “I’m with Her” was pretty freaking tone death as well. But what will his 2020 slogan be? He can’t keep it “Make America Great Again” because that...
  11. Skeptic Bob

    Trump probably can’t build the wall without Congress’ approval

    I have mentioned this in some threads but decided it needed its own thread. Trump keeps saying he can declare a national emergency to get the funds needed to build the wall. I do believe he probably has the authority to redirect funds to build the wall and to order the Army Corps of Engineers to...
  12. Skeptic Bob

    SOTU Stand-off: Could be fun

    Don’t take this thread too seriously. It is more for fun speculation of extreme possibilities. I just mentioned in another thread that I think this SOTU standoff is a bright side to this whole mess. There is nothing fun or funny about the shutdown. People are suffering. However, the SOTU...
  13. Skeptic Bob

    Chris Stapleton is NOT a country singer

    I like all kinds of music. Rap, country, rock, blues, R&B, classical...all of it. And Chris Stapleton is definitely a favorite of mine. But I dont understand why he is classified as “country music”. I get that he was a song writer before he was a performer and that he has written a ton of songs...
  14. Skeptic Bob

    Can Queen Elizabeth have a citizen executed?

    Silly question, I know. And obviously she would never do it. And I’m not talking about being immune from prosecution. I am asking can she legally ORDER the execution of any citizen?
  15. Skeptic Bob

    Swimming with a great white shark

    https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/great-white-shark-deep-blue-hawaii-scli-intl/index.html I would love to cage dive with them one day but this is insane! That shark could bite her in half in an instant. Maybe she felt safe because the shark had already eaten?
  16. Skeptic Bob

    GoFundMe to refund the $20 million raised for the border wall

    The page is apparently still up and collecting money but unless it hits its goal, due to the disclaimers Kolfage used on the page, Gofundme won’t just be giving Kolfage the money to do with as he wishes. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/12/us/border-wall-gofundme-refund/index.html
  17. Skeptic Bob

    Should federal workers be protected?

    Given that the federal government is the largest employer in the nation, should Congress pass legislation that federal workers can’t be evicted or have their utilities cut off and other basic protections during a shutdown? I think it would be a good thing to do and a necessary thing if the...
  18. Skeptic Bob

    Best movies that don’t take themselves too seriously

    What are some good movies that just don’t take themselves too seriously. Please leave out any 100% comedy or parody movies. I’ll get us started. Evil Dead 2.
  19. Skeptic Bob

    An interesting mental/aural phenomenon

    I went camping this weekend with my son and his Cub Scout Troop. There were about 80 people altogether camping in our little area and sharing a fire. Adults outnumber the kids. I had hiked 6 miles during a land navigation contest with my son’s den and was exhausted so I went to our tent early...
  20. Skeptic Bob

    I’m done caring about the Wall

    I’m done with the Wall as an issue. Both sides have blown this thing way out of proportion. I don’t believe it is going to curb illegal immigration to a significant amount. And I don’t believe the Wall will hurt us as a nation either. Yeah, it is a dumb waste of money IMO, but we waste more...
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