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  1. Fearandloathing

    Ksenia Sobchak: Putin's goddaughter flees to Lithuania

    Conflicting reports whether an arrest warrant has been issued for her. However she has suddenly flown out of the country after leaving a false trail...
  2. Fearandloathing

    Court Screwup Reveals Mar-a-Lago Judge’s Latest Legal Absurdity in Trump Case

    It appears no one around Trump can be trusted to do 'the right thing". The now famous appointed-for-life justice lied. As surprising as that may be, her own words convict her. Here's the Daily Beast report...
  3. Fearandloathing

    Pot, Capitalism and Irony

    Cannabis has been officially legal in Canada for three or four years. The most significant difference is that when I buy my weed over the counter I now must show ID (I'm mid 70's). But the Cannabis industry has existed as one of Canadas largest sectors for three decades as when it was legalized...
  4. Fearandloathing

    Sometimes you just have to stand back and says 'thanks'

    I've lost a few wallets in my time, the first I recall was when I was ten. It's been a long time since the last loss, so Friday last, the 20th ended badly when I discovered I'd left my wallet behind. It was easy to track I had used it to get on the bus so we have a starting place. It was late...
  5. Fearandloathing

    Trump's War on Nafta Opens With Whimper.

    It will be fascinating to watch the Trump crowd making a case for he really is "tearing up" "the worst deal ever signed by the United States of America" when they are, in fact, upgrading along the lines discussed for the last five years, and were provisions in TPP. After Trump's tough...
  6. Fearandloathing

    British Columbia Burns more than 14,000 people homeless

    My province is burning...in the last four days we have gone from a handful of scattered wildfires, to more than 200. For the first time in memory Canadian Forces have been called in...
  7. Fearandloathing

    Strange Bedfellows and Canadian Weirdness

    About a week ago, we had an election which provided a split legislature. Now, the Green party with three seats has thrown their support behind the New Democratic Party, who are somewhere left of reason. The Liberals who had been in office since 2002 won the most seats, one shy of a pure...
  8. Fearandloathing

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    This has been in the news here for two days. [/video] People simply don't realize they are around very dangerous animals like feeding the bears.
  9. Fearandloathing

    Issues logging on

    For a few months I had trouble with extras in this forum, could not thank and a bunch of other stuff. After the third time disabling Ad Bloc it cleared up. However now my log in is weirding out. It will not accept my original attempt but defaults to the second page. I log on fine but then get...
  10. Fearandloathing

    Beautiful Hockey Video

    IF anyone wonders what is the attraction for hockey for Canadians, take a look at this video. This a lake that rarely freezes enough to support the weight of a person, and frozen pristine without a snow cover this makes for a beautiful video https://youtu.be/OrIMBG5E9Bk
  11. Fearandloathing

    War on Drugs rages on!

    As more and more US states consider the legalization of marijuana, Obama's federal government is going the full distances to ensure the "demon weed" doesn't go anywhere. It seemed odd, to have people put in jail for having a bong, but now, if you admit you EVER smoked pot.... You are personae...
  12. Fearandloathing

    Like isn't likable

    Like does not work for me in any instance. I just had a complete overhaul of the system, added a drive and tuned it up. The problem has to be at your end
  13. Fearandloathing

    Yahoo is killing me! Help

    Somehow in an upgrade of Adobe I picked up Yahoo which insists on instating itself as my browser. I am running Win10. I hate Yahoo. I cannot find it to uninstall on my control panel and on line help hasn't been. Help!
  14. Fearandloathing

    Canadian Conservatives dealt another blow...Duffy "NOT GUILTY"

    The results of the fall election are still fresh in the minds of Canadians, and now comes a second blow in the form of a complete exoneration of Conservative Senator Mike Duffy. The case revolved around a $90,000 slush fund payment made to Duffy as questions about his living expenses began to...
  15. Fearandloathing

    Global Warming? Something is weird.

    I have lived in this region for close to 40 years. The weather is always of note, either it is raining day after day, threatening to rain, or it is blissfully clear and mild. It is just over half way through April, a normally wet month. On the radio, they are talking about wildfires. That is...
  16. Fearandloathing

    Amazing Volvo Commercial

    If you have not seen this ad, you have to:
  17. Fearandloathing

    DP performance

    In recent weeks I have been having an annoying problem that DP is 1st, hard to access. Often when the icon is triggered I wait up to two or three minutes to get connected. Moving around in the site is also very slow and sometimes impossible, especially when I attempt to collect "likes" and...
  18. Fearandloathing

    Romney Destroys Trump a "con man" and Fraud

    Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has opened up on Donald Trump, calling him a "con man" and a "fraud". Will it alter the dynamic?
  19. Fearandloathing

    Should the state have the power of arrest for people who refuse to evacuate?

    Last summer this part of the world recorded the worst string of forest fires in recorded history. Partly due to the record heat but more by careless people, more than 30 homes were destroyed. When the fires erupt, anyone in its path is advised to evacuate. However, many choose to stay and...
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