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  1. Jkca1

    Mr. Musk restores the vomit's Twitter account and his right to spread his vile seditious lies

    I ended my Twitter account before this happened. I think Space Karen is in for a rough time.
  2. Jkca1

    [W: #63] Happy birthday, Biden! You’re making 80 the new 150

    Maybe nobody else sees the humor in attacking Biden at 80, but he is President. I'd love to be around to see what his attackers are doing at that age. Besides sh*tting in their pants and hurling profanity at the tube. Hey, you kids get off my lawn! ;)
  3. Jkca1

    Holiday Spending 2022 - More, Less, Similar

    As adjectives, the difference between equal and same is that equal is the same in all respects while same is not different or other; not another or others; not different as regards self; selfsame; identical.
  4. Jkca1

    Musk polls users on whether Donald Trump should be allowed to return to Twitter, millions swiftly respond

    I ended my Twitter account when Space Karen bought it. People that think Musk is altruistic have no clue what goes on behind his eyes, which is why I was not surprised at his stupid poll.
  5. Jkca1

    Holiday Spending 2022 - More, Less, Similar

    Has inflation dampened your spending habits? We set hard $$$ limits this year, something we have not done before.
  6. Jkca1

    Who is Jack Smith, the special counsel investigating Donald Trump?

    The democrats are so f***ing stupid. For Trump, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The less we hear about him, the better the country is, and now this?
  7. Jkca1

    When are we Americans going to get outraged about tax deductible USA corporations relocating to fascist dictatorship countrIes?????

    Please define fascist dictatorship. That post alone will keep us entertained for hours.
  8. Jkca1

    2024: Battle of the defeated Presidents Jimmy Carter vs. Donald Trump. Who would you vote for ?

    At 90+ Carter was building homes for the poor. Trump?
  9. Jkca1

    As Russia’s war fails, domestic turmoil is intensifying

    The question I have is it better to deal with the devil you know or the devil you don't know?
  10. Jkca1

    Crude oil prices drop dramatically starting on November the 8th

    I owned OXY and sold it. Consumers should reduce their need for petroleum products worldwide as we enter a recession.
  11. Jkca1

    1979 Iran Hostage Crisis

    I was working midnight at UPS to put myself through school when the rescue attempt failed. I still remember that night. The Shah was a brutal dictator whose secret police (known as the SAVAK) tortured and murdered thousands of Iranians and other people. Carter lost the '80 election to Ronnie...
  12. Jkca1

    Billionaire Ken Griffin hopes ‘three-time’ loser Trump steps aside

    If you believe that storming the Capitol and calling for Pence to be hung supports democracy because he would not rig an election, we have nothing to talk about; "45 percent of Republican voters backed the attack on the Capitol building." "During a House Oversight Committee hearing on the Jan...
  13. Jkca1

    Billionaire Ken Griffin hopes ‘three-time’ loser Trump steps aside

    Let me try and clear things up. Americans have a bill of rights; "It spells out Americans’ rights in relation to their government. It guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual—like freedom of speech, press, and religion. It sets rules for due process of law and reserves all powers...
  14. Jkca1

    Billionaire Ken Griffin hopes ‘three-time’ loser Trump steps aside

    By slim a majority, the American people have chosen democracy over a dictatorship. If that doesn't freak you out, what will? I cannot imagine not having the rights assigned by the constitution. Yet, there are millions of people who both vote and think we'd be better off without them, they want...
  15. Jkca1

    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

    Gordon had a great voice.
  16. Jkca1

    Is the bible a "historical" document

    I beg to differ. The oldest pyramid, the Pyramid of Djoser, dates back to around 2670 BCE. The origins of Judaism go as far back as the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age period lasted approximately from 3300 BC to 1200 BC so Jews could definitely have been present during the Old Kingdom.
  17. Jkca1

    Go desantis!!!

    I know the democrats are hoping and praying Trump runs again. I can't blame them. He's the best thing that has happened to the donkeys since Obama.
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