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  1. csbrown28

    Why automation will not lead to long term unemployment

    Moreover, unlike the past where there were entirely new markets to exploit, that is no longer the case, at least at the scale it's been possible in the past.
  2. csbrown28

    The Great Bear is coming out of it's 87 year hibernation

    What you aren't considering is that productivity exploded when the US decoupled from a commodity standard. This released massive amounts of global productivity of which the US dollar is the greatest portion of. If you're looking at the DJI historically and think that it's bound to fail because...
  3. csbrown28

    Hoarding 'junk silver' dimes to prepare for the coming Apocalypse

    What is the intrinsic value of silver during a period of extreme hardship (I think this is what is being referred to as "The Apocolypse")?
  4. csbrown28

    Hoarding 'junk silver' dimes to prepare for the coming Apocalypse

    It depends on what you mean by "hard times". If times are hard enough, metal, of any kind, won't have any value unless it practically facilitates basic needs like food, water, warmth ect. In these times, seeds, bullets, batteries, portable heat and energy, food. Anything that facilitates...
  5. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    Yes, when you say investment, what do you mean?
  6. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    Just to clarify, when you say investment=real goods and services?
  7. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    Ok, I grabbed this from Investopedia.... Yet, the data does not support this commonly held position. And I believe this is true because lending does not rely on savings it relies on capital which is supplied by investors. When people take loans they aren't creating scarcity in savings or...
  8. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    So what you are saying, if I'm understanding, is that there is a real benefit that does not get measured in the identity? If this is what you mean, I completely agree, but I think there is more to it...I'll addresses this as I continue. Yeah, I understand the identity and how it's calculated...
  9. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    {cont from above...] Here I agree again, but efficiency and inefficiency measured against what? Productive output or social mobility. I don't mean to sound like someone who only cares about people at the cost of corporations or the "wealthy", but I think that the scales are being tipped in a...
  10. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    Ok, so let me state that, in theory, that accelerating prices relative to wages does cause short term disruption and in some cases destruction, but I think there is a case to be made that it can also lead to long term growth. For example, in the latter part of the first decade of the 2000's...
  11. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    I've read the thread, but I still take issue with the claim. Nations save in US dollars. Savings reduces demand. Reduced demand reduces GDP (all other things being equal). The amount of savings (in context) is measured by foreign reserves. Today foreign reserves sit at about $10 trillion...
  12. csbrown28

    Circular Flow of Income theory

    First, apologies up front, I've read this entire thread to this post (post #36). That said I don't want to pass this post without a response before I forget what's in my head or I can't find it later..... If this has been addressed, again, my apologies. Yes and no and sort of.... Creating...
  13. csbrown28


    I didn't read the whole thread, so someone may have mentioned this, but in the past, when automation has been improved a few things happened. 1) Displacement was usually limited to industry or a handful of specific jobs across industries. 2) There were plenty of other sectors for displaced...
  14. csbrown28

    Moscow Skyscraper Talks Continued Through ‘the Day I Won,’ Trump Is Said to Acknowledge

    Since candidates, especially those that have won the nomination, have an influence on policy should they win, can create potential conflicts of interest between what's best for them or what is best in the interest of the country. Trump wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and since Putin's...
  15. csbrown28

    What’s behind inequality?

    I started reading this thread on the page your comment appears, so I may have missed something, but I can guess without looking that James probably made this comparison as proof of the effectiveness of capitalism vs socialism using East and West Germany as an example. If I'm wrong or way off...
  16. csbrown28

    The Money Masters

    When I first became interested in economics back around 2003 Bill Still was one of the first people I came across. I watched the Money Masters and followed his Youtube channel regularly..... As time went on I began to realize that he seems to focus on more sensationalist and historical...
  17. csbrown28

    Robots will destroy our jobs – and we're not ready for it

    Wait, let me get this straight, humanity is on the cusp of being able to provide itself highly skilled labor at historically low prices and we're all quaking in fear? Let me explain the real problem here. Inability to change to a new paradigm. Think about it like this. Does productivity...
  18. csbrown28

    Yanny vs Laurel - the debate

    I thought my wife and two teenaged daughters were fu****g with me. I didn't even believe them for the longest time. Which, of course, encouraged them to to prove to me that yanny was a thing. I still can't hear it...
  19. csbrown28

    Bold increases in the minimum wage

    Your anecdotal claims aside, I think the info I already provided to you speaks for itself. Think about how the price of gasoline, which affects the price of everything, tripled from 2001 to 2007. The increase in costs was lower than a $7.50 increase in MW, the cost of gas effects more. Yet we...
  20. csbrown28

    Bold increases in the minimum wage

    If we look at the chart that comes in most econ 101 textbooks: The chart assumes that capacity utilization is near 100%. This is done to simplify the lesson for new econ students by removing other variables. So it is correct only if certain assumptions are made. However, in reality...
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