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  1. AFrench2

    Today is Mother's Day. This is what the Former President Had to Say Today

    Don't you think anyone else 75 years old who talked like this would be put in a home?
  2. AFrench2

    My Thoughts on Kansas Repub who Kneed Kid in Balls as a Substitute Teacher (lmao)

    This might just be the greatest story ever made for news, honestly. 1- Repub fakes as a substitute teacher (why? who knows) 2- Repub spends entire day yelling at kids to follow God 3- Repub knees student in the nutsack then tells rest of class to check on his balls for him Thanks for watching
  3. AFrench2

    Florida 'White Mob' Disregards COVID to Worship Matt Gaetz and MTG

    I can't see one minority in the entire video. Sounds about white. Not one mask on. And they are singing "We are the Champions" despite Trump losing the election.
  4. AFrench2

    Right-Winger Calls for Mass Unrest and Unemployment Amidst Chauvin Verdict

    Ruh roh! I thought Conservatives were about jobs? Why do they want more unemployment? The Republican party, ladies and gentlemen
  5. AFrench2

    Let's Play a Game: It's April 20th, 2021 and They're Announcing the Verdict - Except Trump won and is still on Twitter

    What is the Tweet from President Trump regarding the George Floyd trial decision? GO
  6. AFrench2

    Justice is Served (Floyd Trial)

    Bye, bye pig.
  7. AFrench2

    Why Are Folks Complaining The The Jury Can't Have Notes from the Case?

    It's a pretty ****ing simple case. You watch the video of the murder and you vote Guilty. Who needs notes?
  8. AFrench2

    OAN Has a Problem: Staffers Have Been Leaving Due to 4 Months of Repeating "The Big Lie"

    https://www.businessinsider.com/oan-employees-exit-network-coverage-nyt-2021-4 Employees of the cable network One America News do not believe all of the claims that are aired on it, according to a report by The New York Times. According to the Sunday report, about a dozen staffers have left...
  9. AFrench2

    Lauren Boebert's Quest for Twitter "Likes" and Newsmax Appearances

    https://afrosocialmedia.com/?p=14964&amp&p=14964&__twitter_impression=true It’s turning into more and more clear that there are two forms of politicians today: the performative obstructionists and the consultant workhorses. The performative politician evaluates their success or failure...
  10. AFrench2

    Marjorie Disavows 2-Day Old "America First" PAC, Says it was the Low Level Coffeeboy.

    Lmao the PAC is like 5 days old, and she is already doing the Trumpian "Never met him, I think he was a low level coffee guy". The Republican party, ladies and gentlemen.
  11. AFrench2

    How Come There Are No Statues of Benedict Arnold? I Thought We Loved Traitors?

    There are hundreds of Confederate statues, right? So obviously America loves its traitors....why no Benedict Arnold statues? Why no schools named after Benedict Arnold?
  12. AFrench2

    Cops Shoot Man in Portland, OR. Protestors Gathering to Protest The Killing

    One person is dead following a police shooting Friday morning at Lents Park in southeast Portland. Police said that officers received a 911 call about a man with a gun in the park around 9:30 a.m. near the intersection of Southeast 92nd Avenue and Holgate Street. Officers responded, and at some...
  13. AFrench2

    Potential Riot in Minnesota About to Happen - Cops Kill 20 Year Old Black Kid

    Was a traffic stop and he is dead now. Was 20 years old. His body was laying on the pavement for 6 hours.
  14. AFrench2

    How Virginia Became the Most Progressive Southern State

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/07/us-virginia-progressive-southern-state Having lived in Virginia most of his life, Larry Sabato can remember racially segregated schools and systematic efforts to stop Black people voting. Now 68, he observes a state that has diversified, embraced...
  15. AFrench2

    Elk Grove Pays $20 Gift Cards to Homeless for Bagging their Trash - Seeing Payoffs and Dividends

    https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/04/07/elk-grove-homeless-pay-keeping-clean/ “We need to reduce the amount of public complaints that we’re getting,” said Bontrager. “We’d go there, it would just be a massive mess, we’d spend hours just cleaning and cleaning, but now we go there and their...
  16. AFrench2

    2nd Gaetz Staffer Resigns in Just the Past 24 Hours - Rats Fleeing a Ship

    https://thehill.com/homenews/house/547271-second-staffer-for-matt-gaetz-resigns Murphy's departure comes behind Luke Ball, the congressman's former communications chief, who left the Republican's team just days earlier. Murphy's exit was due to his desire to work on serious legislation, not...
  17. AFrench2

    In Huge News: Governor of Georgia says "Feel Free to Order Uber Eats" to the Peasants

    Now, as we all have heard recently, Georgia just introduced a new voting law - reducing hours - and reducing ballot locations. BUT, in great and exciting news today: Governor Kemp let voters know "Feel free to buy some shit if you want". This is a huge victory for America today. Now you can pay...
  18. AFrench2

    January 6th Insurrectionist Gets Beaten in Jail: May Have to Lose an Eye in Surgery

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/capitol-riot-defendant-ryan-sammsel-viciously-beaten-guard-washington-dc-jail-lawyer-says/ One of the men who tried to instill a dictator and hang Mike Pence on January 6th was savagely and viciously beaten in prison.
  19. AFrench2

    Meanwhile, in Land of Small Government..They Debate a Bill To Require Sports Teams to Play the National Anthem

    I call these "fluff bills". They mean nothing. They improve nobodies life. They add nothing of value to us here in Texas. They're not even real legislation by real politicians, it's just bullshit so they can Tweet things about how they support America or whatever. They can tweet that they're...
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