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  1. Lord of Planar

    Photosynthesis and the Earth Energy Balance

    A variable I've been trying to pin down in the global climate system is how much photosynthesis affects the earths energy balance. From various studies, we know that plants cool the temperature through evapotranspiration. This however is just a movement of heat. In my readings, I have read that...
  2. Lord of Planar

    What will president Biden do?

    Things were rather quiet when we had president Trump in office. Now that we have a new president, it would seem that Terrorists are testing our new president's resolve. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/15/iraq-rocket-attack-kills-contractor-wounds-us-service-member-coalition-says.html
  3. Lord of Planar

    Biden's Legacy 8/30/24 Sanctuary City

    It's remarkable how the future seems to be shaping up to what an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 aired in 1995. Liberals love their sanctuary cities...
  4. Lord of Planar

    Terrestrial radiative cooling

    The full title name is Terrestrial radiative cooling: Using the cold universe as a renewable and sustainable energy source, contained in today's issue of the peer reviewed journal "Science." I don't think this is an open access article, but there some scientists looking into materials that will...
  5. Lord of Planar

    How can responsible people vote for democrats?

    Seriously. How can responsible people vote democrat, when the party is constantly trying to take money away from responsible people, to give to the irresponsible?
  6. Lord of Planar

    2020 Political Quiz

    Here are my results: 2020 Political Quiz
  7. Lord of Planar

    In honor of Joe Biden

    Joe Biden is really something else. He is the master of gaffs. I saw a remark on Facebook, which attributed a quote to him. "People are dying who haven't died before." Now I wasn't able to find this as fact anywhere, so it's probably a fabrication. But it most certainly is the type of thing he...
  8. Lord of Planar

    The Six Billion Dollar Man

    I loved the TV series when I was young, the Six Million Dollar Man. In fact, I read the book before the TV series came out. I generally don't care for remakes. Batman and Spiderman have been redone too many times. However, I think a modernized version of this series could be a hit. Agree...
  9. Lord of Planar

    Democrats ask for $50 million for security

    So the democrats want $50 million to provide security at this convention. Milwaukee requests $50 million federal security grant for 2020 Democratic National Convention Why aren't they just putting up "Gun Free Zone" signs and calling it good?
  10. Lord of Planar

    Messiah on Netflix

    Has anyone watched this yet? It's a rather interesting take on the second coming.
  11. Lord of Planar

    Climate Justice Tax in Portlandia

    I read the write-up on this in Willamette Week. At least they agree it is religious like. One of the leading evangelists for spending that money is Magnera, 32, a bookish, intense Columbia University graduate. No American City Has Ever Tried a Climate Justice Tax Like the One Portland Is...
  12. Lord of Planar

    Understanding carbon dioxide activation and carbon–carbon coupling over nickel

    I ran across this interesting article while searching for others, and it's open access: Understanding carbon dioxide activation and carbon–carbon coupling over nickel This might be a good use of surplus energy from wind as solar, and a means of usable storage. Conversion of atmospheric or...
  13. Lord of Planar

    Linda Ronstadt

    I'm not a big music buff, but I appreciate great music. Linda Ronstadt was one of the greatest artists alive. She is still alive, but fate took away her voice. Her last performance was 10 years ago. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2012, but it was incorrect and later was determined...
  14. Lord of Planar

    Fish are dying in the Tennessee river

    I wonder what the extent of this will be. It may affect the Ohio river as well. We had a minor environmental hazard. Of all things.... Jim Beam Bourbon! One of the Rack Houses caught of fire at the Jim Beam Distillery. 45,000 barrels of bourbon went up in smoke. Of course much of the barrels...
  15. Lord of Planar

    Today's Reading Assignement for Climate Science Elightenment

    As I have been reading various papers, I thought I would share one, and from time to time, share another that I think anyone wanting to debate such topics should read and understand. This one is titled The MWIR and LWIR Spectral Signatures of Water and Associated Materials I have discussed in...
  16. Lord of Planar

    ICE agents arrest 280 people at tech repair company in Texas

    Looks like there are now 280 new job openings, that is unless the company goes under. ICE raid Allen, Texas: 280 arrested at CVE Technology Group, largest operation in 10 years - CBS News We need more of these. Honest corporations have a hard time competing against those who cheat. It takes...
  17. Lord of Planar

    Unionized Fast Food

    Only in Portlandia. An article from the Willamette Week: Workers at Portland’s Busiest Burgerville Say Managers Are Trying to Bust Their Union The story starts with a sob story about a woman 8 month pregnant being suspended without pay. Duh... Fast food isn't a career job, and isn't a safety...
  18. Lord of Planar

    Lars Larson Got 12-Hour Twitter Ban

    One of our local radio talk show hosts who went national a few years back got a 2 hr suspension from Twitter. I see nothing in his post that would warrant such a suspension. The Willamette Week, a local paper, covered this...
  19. Lord of Planar

    Hillary lost her security clearnce

    What took so long? Hillary Clinton loses security clearance after server scandal
  20. Lord of Planar

    Oregon Food Tax.

    We have a ballot measure 103 coming up on our next election. I would normally agree to vote YES on the idea of this banning of a food tax, but I have to vote NO. My reason is the measure is made for the big soda companies loiike Coke and Pepsi, so their products cannot be taxed. The measure...
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