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  1. AFrench2

    What happens when a state controlled by the GOP refuses to certify any Dem win in an election?

    So let me get this straight: Georgia was a Red state that went blue less than 6 months ago. But you have created a topic saying Red states won't allow themselves to go blue?
  2. AFrench2

    The Latest From Donald J. Trump

    I dunno how I missed this topic, LMAO.
  3. AFrench2

    Today is Mother's Day. This is what the Former President Had to Say Today

    The man belongs in an old folk's home.
  4. AFrench2

    Today is Mother's Day. This is what the Former President Had to Say Today

    Don't you think anyone else 75 years old who talked like this would be put in a home?
  5. AFrench2

    Florida 'White Mob' Disregards COVID to Worship Matt Gaetz and MTG

    I care, obviously, by me creating the topic.
  6. AFrench2

    US Justice Department expresses 'concerns' over the GOP's Arizona election audit being conducted by Cyber Ninjas

    ...What? Who cares if he's Joe's wingman. Are people breaking the law or not? If so, arrest them. What do you care?
  7. AFrench2

    Prices are rising everywhere

    Prices always rise, it's called inflation. And Gas has been $4 in the past. That's not an example of rising prices. Gas was almost $5 during the Bush 2006-2008 collapse years. "The guy who just won an election is happy" I mean, okay? Yes, and?
  8. AFrench2

    Reverse Racism

    Racism is racism. There is no reverse racism.
  9. AFrench2

    The New GOP

    I didn't say Whites ONLY. I said Whites Only. The party happily takes-in self-hating minorities who vote against their own interests.
  10. AFrench2

    The GQP is surrendering to trump.

    okay. In 2024 go ahead and vote for the Whigs. Oh, wait.
  11. AFrench2

    Florida 'White Mob' Disregards COVID to Worship Matt Gaetz and MTG

    You literally just quoted a post answering your question, and then asked the question again.
  12. AFrench2

    The New GOP

    ? The Black Guy who spoke in the GOP Rebuttal to Biden last week isn't a "White Bigot". He just wishes he was White. So, no, I disagree with yours - and mine stands. It is the party of Whites Only. Mine is inclusive to self-hating minorities. Yours isn't.
  13. AFrench2

    A fair tax would be to require capital gains be paid each year just like income tax and at the same rate.

    Actually a fair tax would be for the rich to go down an assembly line once a year, and have a giant crane pick them up, turn them upside down, and shake them until their pockets are emptied of cash. Millions of dollars.
  14. AFrench2

    The New GOP

    The Republican party has been "Whites Only" since 1964 Civil Rights Bill at the very least - if not since inception, despite Lincoln - who by the way was pretty racist and not at ALL an abolitionist-type mindset - It is just that the mask is off nowadays because their voters are 65+ years old...
  15. AFrench2

    Florida 'White Mob' Disregards COVID to Worship Matt Gaetz and MTG

    Didn't the CDC release new rules saying fully vaccinated folks can be around other fully vaccinated folks indoors without a mask? The President of the United States, and the Former President of the United States, are fully vaccinated. What are you crying about?
  16. AFrench2

    The GQP is surrendering to trump.

    the GOP barely continues. They've won 1 popular vote(s) in the last 20 years. so okay.
  17. AFrench2

    Wyoming stands up for coal with threat to sue states that refuse to buy it

    Obamacare is a federal program. Wyoming is not the federal government. You are trying to compare the power of the Federal Government to levy taxes on its people against the power of...****ing Wyoming...to do anything.
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