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  1. Peter King

    Video shows Black player forced to sit near banana peels

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/video-shows-black-player-forced-sit-banana-peels-rcna669 this is just despicable, will people never learn?
  2. Peter King

    The Dutch just gave the canal fish a “fish doorbell” (no, we’re not kidding)

    https://dutchreview.com/news/fish-doorbell-utrecht/ And it has been a great success, the people watching the fish congregate in front of the lock gate have pressed the fish doorbell and then the person who opens and closes the lock gate looks at the camera and if indeed enough fish have...
  3. Peter King

    Thousands of secret MH17 tapes provide insight into the situation before, during and after the disaster

    https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2021/04/mh17-suspect-tapes-show-planning-behind-buk-missile-move/ Well this ought to prove to the court that the suspects were indeed guilty of killing the 298 people on board of MH17. The rebels might have thought they shot down a jet from the Ukraine but that was...
  4. Peter King

    Dutch truck driver saves the life of a person who tried to commit suicide

    While he was sitting in his truck, driving along a busy road, the man spotted a person who was about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge into oncoming traffic on a very busy highway. With great reaction speed and thinking the truck driver slammed the brakes and when the person jumped he...
  5. Peter King

    Biden's idea for a new infrastructure will create jobs, save lives and in due course will lead to lower taxation?

    It is very simple, the flooding issues in the US, blackouts, bad infrastructure costs lives and costs society and the taxpayer loads of money. Building better bridges over rivers, deepening waterways, raising the dykes and levees along the waterways and the sea and it will save lives and...
  6. Peter King

    Rest in Peace Bibian Mentel, three times paralympic snowboard champion (aged 48)

    Her cancer has finally defeated her. After battling 22 years with cancer she lost her battle. She was diagnosed with cancer 15 times and given up once before and after a second opinion she won that battle but this time there was no miracle doctor or procedure that was going to defeat her cancer...
  7. Peter King

    Fifth Gear and Top Gear's Sabine Schmitz dies aged 51

    The Queen of the Nurburgring is no more. The 51 year old German race car driver has died of cancer (****ing cancer). She was a welcome guest on car shows like Top gear and Fifth gear. One of the greatest memories is how she almost beat Jeremy ASSHAT Clarkson. It was her first time on Top Gear...
  8. Peter King

    Anybody sad that Piers Morgan resigned from television?

    Well, he was confronted by one of his fellow presenters after the hit job he did on Meghan and it garnered him 41,000 complaints. And he walked off huffing and puffing and resigned from his program. Anybody sad he is no longer on the television? Or would you like him back on US television?
  9. Peter King

    Bibian Mentel-Spee has said goodbye to her loved ones, after brain cancer was found

    Bibian Mentel is 48 years old, she is a 3 times paralympic gold medal winner and a 5 times world champion in the para-snowboarding events. She is a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Mentel started snowboarding in 1993 and became an able bodied 6 time champion of the Netherlands in half pipe...
  10. Peter King

    CPAC/Conservativism is not against cancel culture, it is cancel culture come to live.

    Let us be honest, at least to me, cancel culture is of all times. The powers that be always love to cancel new cultures, the powers that be wanted to cancel the rock and roll culture, but failed as it was not to be stymied by the older generation. wanted But CPAC/Conservatism would love to be...
  11. Peter King

    Crisis in German Catholic church because of report of sexual abuse in the church

    In Germany you pay money to the church through your taxes, the Church Tax. A church gets money through all the people registered at the government as part of a church community. In Cologne a large number of sexual abuses in the church (the report is about cases from 1975 until just recently) and...
  12. Peter King

    [W:43] Recall New York governor Cuomo?

    The story keeps getting worse and worse, besides the now known reality that New York dealt with the pandemic very poorly (or relatively poorly) it is now known that the number of deaths in nursing homes was seriously under reported by as much as 50%...
  13. Peter King

    Trump's last day in office (video/animation)

    🤣 🤣 🤣 Hilarious
  14. Peter King

    Reaction of Biden and Trump (video) regarding the siege of the MAGA Mob

    One was presidential (Joe Biden), the other was evidence of the despicable piece of crap that Donald Trump truly is. Because instead of talking reason, he was again lying and stoking the anger of his MAGA Moron MOB. A mob he sent towards the Capitol earlier today.
  15. Peter King

    Argentina senate approves abortion bill

    In a wonderful development for women's rights in South America, the senate in Argentina has voted to approve the abortion law. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/argentina-senate-approves-bill-legalizing-abortion_n_5fec3c7dc5b6ff7479855573 It is wonderful to see women have the right to choose in...
  16. Peter King

    Belgium and the Netherlands do not have santa we have Sinterklaas, but this one is a superspreader

    A Sinterklaas who went to an assisted living facility in Belgium was a Superspreader, infecting 57 in the home for elderly people. They were not allowed visits from their children and grandchildren to protect them but now this "nice gesture" has infected more than 1/3 of the people in that home...
  17. Peter King

    Dutch drones make a lot less insecticedes necessary in greenhouses of Dutch flower growers

    Moths are a big problem for plant growers in green houses, so the Technical university Delft and a Dutch company have been developing drones to help protect flowers from moths who wreck plants by their eggs and growing off spring (eating the leaves of the flowers) so they invested small drones...
  18. Peter King

    Funny commercials thread, 2020 version (and 2021 probably)

    Here is a good one to start, it is from a Dutch insurance company, this one is a bit older but still funny as hell (please religious people, don't be offended)
  19. Peter King

    Build your own electoral map and try and predict the US election result Biden vs. Trump

    You can built it here (interactive map) but you can also look for your own site that does it https://edition.cnn.com/election/2020/electoral-college-interactive-maps#build-your-own This is my prediction
  20. Peter King

    Doctor Fauci was 100% right in June, the US has reached 100,000 cases today

    In fact there were +101,358 new cases today. Half way June Doctor Fauci said he would not be surprised if the US would reach 100,000 cases per day. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53237824 So doctor Fauci had to wait a few months but he said that the virus was out of control in the...
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