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  1. Arcana XV

    #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies [W:8]

    A teeny, tiny little ray of hope. Just thought I'd put this in here, because everything else in the news for the past week has been depressing as hell. I know it's naive. I know it's a pipe dream. But it still made me smile like nothing else has today. 'Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies'...
  2. Arcana XV

    French parliament rejects gay marriage

    French parliament rejects same-sex marriage bill - FRANCE - FRANCE 24 AFP - France's lower house of parliament Tuesday rejected a bill that would have allowed gays to marry. The house, dominated by the ruling right-wing UMP party, voted by 293 votes to 222 to block the bill, with most...
  3. Arcana XV

    George Bush calls off trip to Switzerland

    George Bush calls off trip to Switzerland | Law | The Guardian Freaking hippies. :2razz: I'm no fan of Bush, but this is ridiculous.
  4. Arcana XV

    A Muslim's view on the English Defence League

    After Cameron's speech in Munich and the EDL demonstration in Luton, followed by much mention of this group on this forum, I decided to do some research. They seem to be very unpopular with most of our British posters and I wanted to find out why that is. It's an annoying habit of mine to never...
  5. Arcana XV

    Will mosque minarets be banned in Switzerland?

    Women lead Swiss in vote to ban minarets - Times Online I've already sent in my vote against the ban. There is no way I'm going to support a constitutional ban on a religious symbol. I don't even know how such a ban can possibly be worded in our constitution without it being loaded with...
  6. Arcana XV

    BBC will bear 'moral responsibility' if attacks follow show

    Question Time: BBC will bear 'moral responsibility' if attacks follow show | Media | guardian.co.uk I hate this kind of passive-agressive BS and fear-mongering. There is NO room in a free and democratic society to suppress the free speech of any politician, no matter how extreme their ideology...
  7. Arcana XV

    Huge crowd protests easing Spain's abortion law

    The Associated Press: Huge crowd protests easing Spain's abortion law This new law needs to pass. The status quo right now in Spain is a farce. Most abortions are elective and performed under the vague "physical or mental danger" clause. These people are protesting to keep a travesty in place.
  8. Arcana XV

    Abortion Addict Confesses 15 Procedures in 16 Years

    Abortion Addict Admits to Multiple Abortions, Suicide Attempts - ABC News She claims that a dysfunctional marriage to an older man and a difficult childhood are the cause she had so many abortions. It's like a form of "self-mutilation". My pro-choice self is at a loss for words. :confused:
  9. Arcana XV

    Is S. African runner Caster Semenya a man or a woman?

    This is the weirdest story out of the sport's world I've seen in some time. :shock: The Associated Press: Runner Semenya, SAfricans dismiss gender uproar
  10. Arcana XV

    Plege of Allegiance in Spanish sparks uproar

    So, apparently this school in Wisconsin has been allowing students to recite the Pledge in several other languages, including Spanish, for many years. This is not the first time they do it, so why are people making such a fuss about it now? I found it interesting that the state's constitution...
  11. Arcana XV

    Looking for new watering hole

    Hi everyone. Just found this forum through a link at another political forum. I've been looking for a new place and this seems like a cool board. I'll probably be lurking for a bit to get a feel of the place before I post. In the meantime here's a little graphic that describes my political...
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