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  1. specklebang

    ...and Justice for some

    Beanie Baby Maker Ty Warner Avoids Jail in Tax Case - Businessweek While I agree that prison is usually a terrible solution, this guy did something that would get you or me a couple of years in the hoosegow. Instead, not even a minute for him. So, is this justice, or is this justice for the...
  2. specklebang

    More Than 100 to Be Arrested in Federal Disability Fraud Bust

    More Than 100 to Be Arrested in Federal Disability Fraud Bust - WSJ.com 102 people who should certainly have known better. This is a symbolic bust to avoid a real crackdown. The scope of disability fraud is millions of people cashing in on faked disability. Can you imagine what would happen...
  3. specklebang

    You are customer 60,001. Please be terribly patient

    How far do they think these things through? In a new burst of love for (illegal) immigrants, my state is going to hook them up with ID and drivers licenses. Sounds really benevolent, doesn't it? But they really should have thought through how they were going to handle this...
  4. specklebang

    Security firm RSA took millions from NSA: report

    Security firm RSA took millions from NSA: report | Security & Privacy - CNET News and So, how long until your TV watches you? How long until nothing at all can be trusted? How long before private conversatios must be whispered? It can't happen here! Right? Thoughts? It's just to keep you...
  5. specklebang

    How can I donate for someone else?

    I want to donate $20 in honor of Rocketman. How do I do this? Maybe you could PM me with instructions? Thanks,
  6. specklebang

    Voting rights for Robots

    My friend sent me this article this morning. COW MANAGEMENT ROBOTS I'm using this article because it's the most recent one that has made me think about this topic. Robots, something that I follow with avid interest, are becoming increasingly complex and independent. I've only met a few Robots...
  7. specklebang

    Go Filk Yourself

    I think my cloud rental space is about to expire so here is your last chance to get these free goodies. For those of you that don't know about Filk, it is Sci-Fi Folk Music. It's more about the story than it is about the music itself and Filkers have conventions or tie into various Sci-Fi...
  8. specklebang

    Bull**** Jobs

    http://www.strikemag.org/bull****-jobs/ You might not like it but you'll have a tough time disproving it.
  9. specklebang

    Black Is Beautiful

    Today is BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY and on behalf of my black cat Mr. PuTan Bare Scherezade, I send greetings to all of my fellow black cat owners and servants.
  10. specklebang

    Has the GOP joined Al Qaeda?

    It does seem that whatever the Democrats and their Fearless Leader are for, the Republicans are against. Now, it has become completely absurd. REPUBLICANS THROW SUPPORT TO AL QAEDA IN FIT OF STUPIDITY So, Al Queda wins a "fair election:roll:" and begins converting their nation to Radical...
  11. specklebang

    The Price Of Justice - for some

    This crooked bastard destroyed thousands of lives, wiping out their employees and investors alike. But gee, using his stolen money he was able to buy a discount on his punishment. This is proof that justice is bought and sold. If you sold some LSD to a cop, you'd get 25 years and you wouldn't...
  12. specklebang

    Buy Russian! (We don't make helicopters in America)

    U.S. says it will buy Russian helicopters for Afghan military | Reuters Half a billion headed for our good buddies in Russia. I'm somewhat mystified. Can someone explain this?
  13. specklebang

    Firestorm: Songs Of World War III - you'll love this

    About 30 years ago, I bought a cassette tape from a Filk Singer who performed for a tiny group at a Las Vegas hotel (no casino). Filk is Science Fiction Folk Music. I was drawn to this album with it's libertarian/anarchist/something theme and I liked that it was a concept album and the songs...
  14. specklebang

    Seal Team 6 - The Warrior Princess

    The lady has got some balls. Pun intended. A Navy SEAL's biggest secret: Life as a transgender
  15. specklebang

    The Free Lunch

    Zumba teacher going to jail for prostitution Apparently, welfare fraud is just too easy. Here is a business owner with a visible business and a lot of income from a hidden business and look: Really, shouldn't there be some investigation when people hop on the freebie train? This just doesn't...
  16. specklebang

    Medicare fraud = Sequester fraud

    This is what really annoys me about the childishness of this Administration. Medicare Fraud Schemes Totaled $223 Million, 89 People Charged | LongIsland.com Basically, the Medicare Fraud enforcement team has been collecting $8 in recovered money for every $1 of enforcement costs. A government...
  17. specklebang

    Guns On Demand. First Fully 3D-Printed Handgun Is Here

    World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Handgun Is Here Before anybody goes off on me, remember please remember I don't have a gun in this race. Don't want one, don't need one and don't care how many you have as long as you don';t point them at me. Technology has changed the playing field. The 3D...
  18. specklebang

    How much is "rich"?

    Yesterday, in another forum about the divide between rich and poor, I posted this statement:\ It's a serious problem for the rich. They have to worry if their money is earning enough return. The have to keep up appearances. They have to make sure the Maybach and the Lear jet have leather that...
  19. specklebang

    Take the bait? NYPD anti-theft tactics criticized

    The Associated Press: Take the bait? NYPD anti-theft tactics criticized Twice in my life, I've found wallets containing cash. I took them to my office and called the owner in one case (his business cards) and in the other case I called Casino security and they located the guy. Seemsd that in NY...
  20. specklebang

    I'm so angry that I could...

    ..wrap my hands around the throat of any employee, affiliate and even contributor to this vile organization. Another "tax exempt non-profit" at work. Nathan J. Winograd: Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies
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