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    Great video on Fried Chicken

    Couple of thoughts. First, I completely share this kid's thoughts on fried chicken. It just might be my favorite food. To all those poor suckers not close to a Chicken Express, I laugh heartlessly at you. Second, this kid has some serious talent. SNL or some other comedy group needs to hire...
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    Intelligent Fantasy

    Erikson's skill is more in building a complex and evolving world. He doesn't rely on the elf/dwarf/orc stereotypes nor will you find the dumb young village boy destined to be the greatest wizard/swordsman/bleh ever. It's more of a dark, gritty world where the heroes sometimes die and the bad...
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    The End of Men

    I'm fine with equality - in fact, I'm more than fine with it. I fully support equality in every aspect that comes to mind. However, there is a marked difference between saying "in general, men and women are equally capable" versus "in general, women are better suited to business..." The...
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    The End of Men

    It's interesting to me that the notion of female superiority or dominance is so attractive to (apparently) so many women. Perhaps that is true of both genders... but I certainly don't see the same push from the male side of things to prove, subtlely or otherwise, that men are better than women...
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    Respect is most freely given to those who do not demand it with words but instead prove they are worthy of it in actions. Simply put, bitch at others and ask them to respect you will only make you look foolish and insecure... probably because that is exactly what you are at that moment in time...
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    Hipsters on food stamps

    The fact that there was zero demand for either means they were not adding value to society. The presence of demand doesn't always guarantee the addition of value but the lack of it is significant. During times like these, crap like exhibit installation and blogging won't put food on the table...
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    Hipsters on food stamps

    I'd rather they ditch the ridiculous clothes and get a ****ing job that adds value to society. Supply and demand, idiots. If no one demands what you are supplying, don't bitch about it and moan to the government. Supply something else. Guarantee you that 90+% of these 'enlightened'...
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    Awesome rebuttal. "Those aren't true because I say they aren't. Nah nah nah." Wow, I'm impressed. Well no ****, Sherlock. That isn't my point. Your reading comprehension sucks. I do not think men should have the right to tell a woman to abort. This is idiotic - you really think giving...
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    To me, "liberals" seem to be intelligent and rational people while "progressives" tend to have limp wrists and some serious passive aggressive tendencies. Maybe that's just my unique experience, though. :2wave:
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    The ostrich approach is strong in this one. --- Tell me, do you really believe it to be fair that a man can have his paycheck significantly reduced for 18 years should he choose to have sex? While at the same time the woman can choose either abortion or adoption, both without his input? You...
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    White House Vs. Supreme Court: It's Getting Ridiculous

    Let's see. On the one hand, we have Obama: indubitably intelligent got a JD from Harvard Law School practiced law for roughly 9-10 years at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. no longer practices or focuses on legal issues on a daily basis Then we have the Supreme Court: 9 indubitably...
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    Women financially support the baby only if they choose to do so. They can avoid that choice by aborting or adopting. Men have no such recourse. So we've gone from your silly claim that it is 1 in a 1000 to 27%. That's a significant jump. :2wave: Regardless, your point is still irrelevant...
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    Wow, and I was disgusted with the guys that thought not paying child support would be a good idea. Their selfish notions look saintly next to this trash.
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    And as I've said multiple times, that's why I support the notion of child support. As I've also said multiple times, I will still use the example of child support to point out how the system is not fair. 1 guy in a 1000 will actually want the kid? Proof please. Furthermore, I've heard...
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    Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

    Given that roughly 20% of people actually attend religious services on a regular basis in the US of A, I have a hard time believing that the messages they hear in only some of these churches had enough of an impact to overshadow any other stupid decisions made by either the other 80% or the...
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    And rabid retarded righties make me wonder if there's a race for "Who's the most inbred" going on and they are in the lead. I'm not a lefty. That should be clear from that little note on my user profile that identifies me as a libertarian. Regardless, read the frickin' verse. Starting in...
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    Should Men Have a Say?

    Just a note, we've all been discussing this from the perspective of what is fair to the man or what is fair to the woman. We are leaving out a key party - the child. While I may use the hypocrisy of the pro-choice position to point out some gaping holes in the 'abortions are awesome' camp's...
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Sure, I saw my wife's ass and I loved it. Call me polyamorous but I loved her tits and face, too. Oh, I later found out she was smart and funny as well. And makes a mean sammich.
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    Why I Love EVE

    Carebear KOS. :D I don't pod kill though.
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