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    Trump Campaign refunds $122 million to donors after they complain of fraud

    Me too. Odd that those who complain most loudly about the money in politics generally contribute to their preferred politicos and their causes. I think it's largely emotional. It sure as hell isn't rational.
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    I'm So Old I Remember...

    I remember steam locomotives being pulled into the Conway Yard east of Pittsburgh to be scrapped. They'd run them in and lock their whistles open. It was the end of an era. Diesel electric locomotives were the future.
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    Consumer Prices Jumped. Should You Worry? That's Sparking A Heated Debate

    The lesson was then, and should be now, that the market will respond in unanticipated ways. The market is faster and far more nimble than the government.
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    Consumer Prices Jumped. Should You Worry? That's Sparking A Heated Debate

    Nixon tried price controls. Y'all might wanna see how that worked out. It wasn't a stunning success, to put it mildly.
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    What if there were technological improvements of non-lethal means of self-defense?

    Well then, Pocket Napalm is just the product for you. I haven't gotten around to developing it yet, but nothing says, "Don't do that" better than setting your assailant on fire, and it's non-lethal. The subsequent burns might be, but there have to be some compromises. I'm thinking about...
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    Do you support Covid vaccine passports?

    Yes, it has gotten worse. We have a veritable cadaver in the WH, surrounded by cretins trying vainly to resucitate him daily.
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    Do you support Covid vaccine passports?

    It's also guaranteed the GOP will win at some point as well. Given that I have no idea how the political stage may look tomorrow, I generally don't do forecasts. The damnedest things happen - people die, do dumb things, someone starts a war - and the political calculus changes.
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    Do you support Covid vaccine passports?

    I believe I'll wait and see. Not much in politics surprises or disappoints me. The course of the country might, but political winds tend to swirl these days, so who knows which way the wind'll be blowing in the future?
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    Do you support Covid vaccine passports?

    I was required to produce a photo ID in order to receive the J & J vaccine here in VA. If requiring such ID for voting is racist, it would be consistent to declare the same ID for a vaccine racist as well.
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    Younger age groups fueling massive spike in COVID-19 cases in Michigan

    Seems not. Those states are where the democrat-ick party hangs out. Serms like Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois have similar problems. In Illanoying, they have lots of problems of every sort, so it's a fine place for democrats to fester.
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    COVID 19 On The Rise Again And People Are Still Dying So When GOP Know Nothings Are Saying All Is Okay Tell Them To Take A Hike

    69% is fairly high, when you consider relative comfort as the measuring stick. Besides, in light of the restrictions to access by some (airlines, venues, etc.), many will take the vaccine that otherwise perhaps wouldn't. I may not agree with that approach, but it is what it is.
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    Joe Biden said he plans to run for reelection in 2024 and 'would fully expect' Kamala Harris to be running mate

    Re-election for what? Biden should focus on just making it through the day. The WH called a lid right after that mess characterized as a press conference. All the prep required to get him through that event wore his dead assed brain and body completely out. Now, he can hide out in the WH for...
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    Biden claims to have previously banned assault weapons

    Yeah. Thank heaven Joe got outta prison in South Africa in time to do it.
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    Sunny Hostin: 'I feel like a hostage' to assault rifle owners

    Pfffft. I'm training a squad of psychopaths. They're in Congress just now, but once their training is complete...
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    Sleepy Joe strikes again

    ...And that's why Biden dumped the border crisis on Harris. We need a better crisis.
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    This just dont seem right to me

    Heh. All y'all lied, and you're just doubling down on it, like Michelle. Good job. Hope you get a raise, or something.
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    This just dont seem right to me

    That photo is indicative of the results fact checkers and those interested in the truth discovered. First, the cages were built by the Obama administration to hold unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally. Second, they were used extensively by the Obama administration. Third...
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    This just dont seem right to me

    Read the article. Look at that thar picture. I know you can do it.
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