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    Donald J. Trump and his Base are RIGHT about everything! (So I choose to go left and just be wrong.)

    Time to pick a side as an independent voter :peace I have tried to see the views of both political parties. With an open mind. But recent modren history tells a simple story the current GOP is a shameful mess of a disgraceful lie based agenda cloked in fake ass usa pride... When your destroying...
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    PHPP update 12/18/18

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    Purple haze

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    Is foxnews bias with its on network?

    Been watching foxnews since 1996. And look i understand the platform but if your opinions are a bunch of lies and your 1 hour of the real news is based on facts and research and not gossiping! For 1 hour a day foxnews disagree with most of it network opinions about the news so... what are you...
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    https://youtu.be/LHjFS5f1IT0 :roll:
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    Rest in peace

  7. J

    The Human Race?

    Sure we can not have a Philosophical debate on this topic since we live in a sick sad world based on lies and deceit. :lamo But let's give it a try. The first people, or human beings, appeared on Earth some 200,000 years ago on the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa. All modern humans belong to the...
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    USA. News reactions to latest mass shootings.

    Has it become the norm? This is so sad and has become out of control. And yes politics and race plays a major role of how these mass shootings are reported to the masses. :peace OK thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims and their families. Now Dems go to the left corner GOP head over to...
  9. J

    Liar and Thief

    So spin this one GOP as the liar in chief has just disrespected our military on a whole other level. But of course none of you care how sick can you be? Multiple families of military service members killed in the line duty are now getting rush-delivered letters from President Donald Trump, days...
  10. J

    Another tragic day in american history.

    SMH https://youtu.be/K3ajLXWCaO4
  11. J

    Black Gun Ownership

    Note to NBA and NFL players since they going to tell you how you must protest and completely say your 1st amendment right don't matter. The time has come to use your 2nd amendment rights look pool your money protect your community. https://youtu.be/IOvBn_GaDp8 Bottom line: Here's my take since...
  12. J

    The only son of a bitch is you liar.

    With out a doubt in my mind anymore this is a historical horrible President and administration this so called President aka jerk aka asshole aka punk aka bum aka cry baby aka wicked liar aka son if a bitch is best describe bellow. St. JOHN 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want...
  13. J

    Trump you dumb asshole.

    Should be clear to all with common sense that this lying asshole is also a racist son of a bitch too. https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racism-history https://youtu.be/I1VvZjploCI
  14. J

    What unites us?

    Enjoy this small amount of time where we can always respect when cops do their jobs right and that's to protect and serve. And become Heroes. No politics no talking about race just Americans showing respect to other American people. https://youtu.be/Wr89xIkr8z4
  15. J

    Does trump hate his job? Or just not good at it?

    Dear Mr. Horrible President Surely you love power you love lying cheating and stealing. But do you really love serving the American people and not just your brain washed out of touch with reality based. https://youtu.be/hFjO0ccWAdU Surely you have failed before just quit leave DC. Go back...
  16. J

    Note to the nra just stop it already and reform.

    So here's a real question if the Obama administration was so far left and was out to get your guns. Lol. Now your party controls the house the Senate and the oval office. Are your guns still at risk of being taken? SMH uninformed GOP voters. Notice with all these tragic shootings in this nation...
  17. J

    An election stolen yet again.

    The democratic Party is going have to get nasty next time around. 2nd time they done this although it was not the Russians it was jeb bush sneaky as. And the Dems just sit there and take it to nice. Fact is it took trump and his many lies. Russia and it's leaks. And comey and what ever it was...
  18. J

    Trump administration creating fake news.

    Trump administration creating fake news. I guess msnbc had to report it? :2wave: Trump Claims Historic Success, Despite 'Obstructionist' Democrats The joke is on this sad administration. https://youtu.be/NrYZGgRbmlk
  19. J

    Why blacks votes for dems reply.

    [No message]
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    Why oh y?

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