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  1. Arcadius

    Who Do You Think Has Done More Damage to the Country, Bush or Obama?

    I'm going to keep my opinion out of the first post. I think the title pretty much sizes things up. George W. Bush vs. Barack Hussein Obama
  2. Arcadius

    Do You think this Video Adequately Sums up the State of our Economy?

    "Polite" Robber Arrested - CBS News Video I loled, but I was kind of sad on the inside.
  3. Arcadius

    Do You Think Chauvinism is One of Societies Worst Problems?

    Think about it. People have this way about them, their beliefs are the only true beliefs, and anyone else's beliefs are inferior, whatever they're a part of is always the greatest. As an example, look at all the known wars in history, you can name every little detail about their causes, but most...
  4. Arcadius

    Is Judaic Monotheism Detrimental to Society?

    By Judaic Monotheism I mean all theologies that originated from Judaism. (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, etc.) It doesn't matter if you don't agree with that categorization. I'm bringing up a point that many non-believers (myself included) like to speak about. When one looks at the use of...
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