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  1. Matthew Mussolini

    Are you balanced?

    No, I'm not. I have one obsession which is a private practice of Fascism as a Religion and communication with Kami. I have literally lost interest in everything else. Plus I want to be an enlightened being that is never confused. What hobbies bring a person closer to that goal.
  2. Matthew Mussolini

    My only cure to sadism and necrophilia. Porn ruined my life!

    Okay fellas. Police already have been in my house taking pictures of the enshrined girls who got raped and violently murdered. Saint Paul police have me under tight surveillance and people find my shrines in the woods to these girls and it scares the hell out of them...
  3. Matthew Mussolini

    What is wrong with Fascism as I practice it?

    What is wrong with this place and what's wrong with my practice of Fascism? As a Shinto I believe you have to love bad Kami. I love Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Paul Pot , despite them being my least favorite people in history. The Duce wasn't like them. He had a big heart, he just struggled with...
  4. Matthew Mussolini

    God invented Shinto!

    No one knows who invented the state Religion of Japan. Here is how I feel Shinto is God's gift to humanity. Since Shinto only has one Dogma, "the dead become Kami (spirits)", Shinto doesn't contradict Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. It's compatible. It would make the perfect one world...
  5. Matthew Mussolini

    Would you treat a Muslim like you treat me?

    So I was immediately harrassed and antagonize and ridiculed for my Fascist faith by countless people when I arrived and ever since. I don't recall returning insult for insult or being hostile.....Just curious, is that how you treat the Muslims that show up here? Islam is far more violent than...
  6. Matthew Mussolini

    The Brotherhood of SI

    Now all of these revelations are what I believe Mussolini to say, but I am diagnosed schizophrenic at times and or it could be the voice of a malevolent spirit. So, it might not Surprise you that I believe Il Duce ( to be truly sorry for his sins and) the Caesar of a realm in the world of the...
  7. Matthew Mussolini

    Are you concerned about Biden's safety?

    There has already been bloodshed and fatalities and a breach of the Capitol security and vandalism of government buildings over this election. I don't think Biden is safe. I have no reason to lie to anyone, as I am a Fascist, which means my reputation is already worse than a cockroach, but I...
  8. Matthew Mussolini

    Is being a true Fascist the most courageous decision one can make?

    In a sense yes. Racist hateful people and skinheads who call themselves Fascist wont like you. Those are not Fascists. You will be banned from most online discussion forums. I lost my AA sponsor over Fascism. You will be treated with suspicion and despised by all. You can lose your job...
  9. Matthew Mussolini

    Do my songs have any potential?

    Someone commented on my YouTube channel , the first one made them burst out laughing this morning, but it is actually a dark song about death , not supposed to be funny. If I had the right people laying beats down and promoting it , they would be hits because I used to sing these songs to...
  10. Matthew Mussolini

    My Fascist Prayer wall!

    I figure since no one else wants him as their Caesar, he is mine all the way. Here is my wall:
  11. Matthew Mussolini

    Mussolini was like Abraham Lincoln and Moses

    Benito Mussolini was the closest thing to Abraham Lincoln and Moses in the 20th century if there ever was such a person. Bottom line is, Mussolini was a slave abolitionist and a founder of a Religion like Muhammad (he just was more kind) , and a Prophet like Moses (just more gentle) and...
  12. Matthew Mussolini

    If you love wickedness, it loses power over you. Love the nightmare!

    I hate killing, suffering , and death. But it has become necessary for me to love it because otherwise it would crush me. For instance, if you knew you were going to a communist gulag to be tortured for ten years, and you love being tortured and surrounded by suffering and death, that ten...
  13. Matthew Mussolini

    Is a Fascist welcome here?

    In this video I explain why I cherish the religious concept of Fascism but am against hate and bigotry: People who called themselves Fascist have been violent in an attempt to extinguish the errors of Communism, militant secularism, Bolsheviks, liberalism, and political correctness, but that...
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