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    Great video on Fried Chicken

    Couple of thoughts. First, I completely share this kid's thoughts on fried chicken. It just might be my favorite food. To all those poor suckers not close to a Chicken Express, I laugh heartlessly at you. Second, this kid has some serious talent. SNL or some other comedy group needs to hire...
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    Intelligent Fantasy

    For those of you who are fantasy fans, you will know what I mean. Most fantasy is simple drivel, a cheap knockoff of Tolkien, often replete with plot holes roughly the size of the author's ego. That being said, I have found a few decent authors. One that I've read quite a bit of in the past...
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    Hello there

    I've kicked around a few of the bigger political discussion sites out there and I've heard pretty good stuff about this site. I'm looking forward to less mindless partisan trolling (one can hope, at least) and more rational discussion.
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