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  1. ashley.hunt60

    Banning All Marriage?

    A while ago I was talking with a guy, debating over same-sex marriage(which I have always been staunchly for), but he made an interesting argument which I have been thinking over for a while; why do we even have marriage? Why not a civil unions(or something similar) for all? If you have a very...
  2. ashley.hunt60

    A liberal for the death penality

    I'm typically a model democrat, no war, pro-choice, pro-health care reform, ect... But I'm for the death penalty. Not out of revenge, but out of necessity. I don't believe that killing a killer makes the world right(an eye for an eye leaves the world blind), but we spend so much money to keep...
  3. ashley.hunt60

    Is embryonic stem cell research okay?

    I'm all for it, but I want to find your views on it. This is more or less directed at the pro-life community, but all votes are welcome. Explanations wanted both ways.
  4. ashley.hunt60

    To the pro-choice community; when isn't abortion okay?

    Obviously, abortion is acceptable after conception, and presumably a while after. However, many pro-choicers are against late term abortion. So, where do you draw the line? And for the pro-life community; I respect your opinions, but please keep in mind this question isn't directed at you. And...
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