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  1. Alvin T. Grey

    Communisim, Capitalism, Socialism, and Bulls.....

    I hate the way that these terms are bandied about without any regard for what they actually mean. I'm not sure that we will get agreement on what they actually are, but here is my understanding of the three. We all know the joke about the young bull and the old bull? "Lets run down to that...
  2. Alvin T. Grey

    When does protest cross the line?

    Truck driven into Leinster House gates - The Irish Times - Wed, Sep 29, 2010 -snip- A 41-year-man was arrested this morning after a cement truck was driven into the gates of Leinster House.- Irish equivelant of Congress The words 'Toxic Bank Anglo' were displayed on the cement mixing drum of...
  3. Alvin T. Grey

    What do you understand about Angels

    So many people seem to get the answer wrong, I was wondering what you understand regarding their existance, their puropse all of that stuff.
  4. Alvin T. Grey

    'Crime lord's' fake penis falls off in raid

    I am not making this stuff up 'Crime lord's' fake penis falls off in raid | News.com.au
  5. Alvin T. Grey

    Evening all.

    Nice to see so many familiar faces around here, and even nicer to see so many more new ones. How would I describe myself? Well "Regularly Confused" springs to mind. I'm Irish. My political compass could be said to be all over the place. A "Dad" of two. Love doggies the usual... Thanks To...
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