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  1. Dogger807

    Voting habits

    Being a debate forum, I was wondering how many of us have put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. So as of noon on October 28th where do you fall on casting a ballot. Please refrain from endorsing who you vote for.
  2. Dogger807

    Double rainbow in honor of ireland passing gay marriage

    News - Colourful day in Ireland: Rainbows form, referendum passes - The Weather Network Okay, just a quick question. There was a double rainbow over Ireland when they approved gay marriage. Is this a sign that god approves or a sign that god has no control over the weather?
  3. Dogger807

    Simple question

    With all the focus on gay marriage lately I have one simple question for you. Would you be more comfortable leaving your children in the unsupervised care of a gay couple or a catholic priest.
  4. Dogger807

    American society trending toward a lower level of belief in gods

    Gallup recently released a poll showing a definite trend towards lessening religiosity. The one that I specifically wish to address , the one most significant if the sudden drop of belief between those above the age of thirty and those below. It's a refreshing 10 point drop in belief of a god...
  5. Dogger807

    Views of the current pope

    Here's a video from youtube. I warn you , if your offended by swearing, it's not for you. However, the swearing is core to the message here. The question thus becomes, which is more offensive, the pope or this video. Of course, one expects you to see at least the first 40 seconds before...
  6. Dogger807

    Trial Begins in Girl's Faith-Healing Death

    Trial Begins in Girl's Faith-Healing Death Trial Begins in Girl's Faith-Healing Death - CBS News Oh look.... Diffinitive proof that prayer works. Seriously though, I can not fathom how the words "I believe" justify these actions. Why do we have to respect someones religion even if it...
  7. Dogger807

    Quick check

    In the exit polls there is a clear age gap in the views on gay marriage. I was wondering how it reflects on this forum. Personally I don't believe anti- gay will die anymore than racist bigotry will, but I see it greatly diminishing in less than 10 years as the old make way for the new. What...
  8. Dogger807

    Early US Voting Appears to Favor Democrats

    Ok... it's really to early too call anything. However I think it's very significant to note the ratio of dem to rep turn out so far.
  9. Dogger807


    I didn't think there was anyone out there who would consider our current president anything but a lame duck. But I met one the other day. Truthfully, I'm still not sure if he was joking or not. Anyhow .... I thought I'd drop a poll . Even though I'm pretty sure I know how the chips will...
  10. Dogger807

    The unansweared list

    How is non belief in god different in non belief in other imaginary friends such as the easter bunny? A common response when people want to equate atheism to a religion by stating non belief in god is a belief. There are many forms of this question repeated numerous times on this forum site...
  11. Dogger807

    Terror or anger

    One of the most basic things to do in conflict is to know thy enemy. I'm going to ask a question just to put our usual debates on edge and view them from a different angle. Do you think that another successful terror attack against the United States would be productive or detrimental to the...
  12. Dogger807

    Who won?

    o65mjKTRm6E LiveLeak.com - Does God Exist (part 2) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=636_1178758846 7qkVRgMpHvw AyGrxFnRONA Personally, I think the theists got eaten alive on this one
  13. Dogger807

    Dawkins vs O'Reilly

    Pity this was so short. O'Reilly bullies and steamrolls his guests all the time yet Dawkins more than held his own, Even though he wasn't given the courtesy of fully answering any question. O'Reilly just used the god of the gaps argument, gave the hitler was an atheist lie, and of...
  14. Dogger807

    Respect for opposing views

    We did the asshat of the year award already (well I missed it really but it was done.) So I was thinking, that was all well and good but there needs to be a yin for this yang. I propose people nominate those they respect most for their debating skills on this forum. The kicker is you can...
  15. Dogger807

    Where do you stand on the ultimate argument ender

    I just want to do a quick head count. We all know the war is going nowhere fast. We also know certain enimies are working towards building bombs of their own. How would you feel about a tactical nuclear first strike?
  16. Dogger807

    Do you agree with the point being made in this video clip?

    There are arguments that are standard to the believers arsenal that are too ridiculous to even take seriously. Among them are the : - I can not comprehend existence without god therefore he must exist - You do not have all the answears so my religion must be true - how could religion...
  17. Dogger807

    Bush is considered most important problem facing the country

    Bush is considered most important problem facing the country...well 4% of those surveyed offered our current president when asked "What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?" http://pollingreport.com/prioriti.htm Now before we get partisan on this one ...
  18. Dogger807

    Question 9 for Christians

    Ok it's question time, it seems and I have one I've never have received a plausible answear to. If god is all powerful, all knowing, and perfect why, for the love of all that's logical, would satan (who is supposed to be smart and clever) and his followers rebel against such a being. In my...
  19. Dogger807

    Assuming God(s) is fiction. Is religion more benificial or detrimental to society.

    Many times I've heard "what if your wrong." when people say "I am an atheist". It's a very common argument and most people using it have a false sense of cleverness when they use it. As if we atheists have never asked ourselves that question.:roll: That being said I think it's time for the...
  20. Dogger807

    church politicking

    http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/11/07/antiwar.sermon.ap/index.html I'm all for removing tax exempt status from churches. There is a good reason for removing their exemption if they endorse political viewpoints as religious. What bothers me on this issue is the fact that with all the blatent...
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