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  1. soap box

    Debate about the Texas debate

    Does Beto have a chance? Will we hear the famous AR-15 quote? Abbott and should play it safe and Beto has more to lose. The debate is at 7 cst. Here's a preview, I'll be here watching...
  2. soap box

    Survivor's guilt

    Every time, every single time there's a hurricane in Florida, the weather is absolutely perfect and beautiful in Southeast Texas. And when a hurricane is in Florida the surfing in Texas is the best it ever will be. Lots of local spots were seeing 6 footers from corpus to SPI earlier today. Some...
  3. soap box

    Trump supporters - what do you want the affidavit for?

    My guess is that if the FBI were to hypothetically release the entire unredacted affidavit, the contents would be contorted into a dozen new conspiracy theories and lies. Are you even sure you want to see this ? The warrant was bad enough. What makes you think more details about the situation...
  4. soap box

    Justice Department sues Idaho for Restricting Abortion Access

    https://www.c-span.org/video/?522152-1/justice-department-sues-idaho-restricting-abortion-access "The lawsuit cites several medical conditions that could require a doctor to perform an abortion for lifesaving reasons, including septic infections and ectopic pregnancies — when the fetus implants...
  5. soap box

    We love our veterans

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/28/republicans-bill-healthcare-military-veterans-jon-stewart "Sen. Tester also issued a strongly worded statement, lamenting an “eleventh-hour act of cowardice” and saying: “Republicans chose today to rob generations of toxic-exposed veterans of the...
  6. soap box

    Preview of Select Committee Public Hearing on Fraud

    The premise to be evaluated is that officials with access to the facts concerning reports of electoral or voter fraud could not verify any significant claims. A. This includes Christopher Krebs (CISA) , Christopher Wray (FBI) , and eventually Barr , later Pence and his legal staff agreed. Pak...
  7. soap box

    January 6th explained

    I have no proof of the following claim, but I am writing this to record a point in time. I have wondered since January of 2020, how did the riot happen? It finally occurred to me that there is a plausible and probable rationale. So I repeat, and emphasize, the proof of this may come in the...
  8. soap box

    Will Putin blow up the world because of ......little bitty Finland?

    Finland and Sweden are considering their entry into NATO. Our support of their entry depends on 2/3 of the U.S. Senate to agree. Will the U.S. Senate agree to allow these two countries to join? Rueters , April 14, 2022...
  9. soap box

    Abolish the popular vote !

    I am not attacking any member, and I won’t name them. But I was amazed by what they wrote. I can paraphrase what the member posted about presidential electoral politics, People in the US erroneously believe that they, and not the State legislatures, elect the President. ….the only way to...
  10. soap box

    Meet trump's new secretary

    I guess Melania doesn't know? Or doesn't care?
  11. soap box

    SO you think mail-in voting is just peachy in the great state of Texas

    34% Real ballots in Harris County Real Voters - some who have been living in the same house for decades, and some of them voting in every election, motivated enough to vote in primaries Rejected. What was all that a few weeks ago where our esteemed collegues were trying to tell me , " no...
  12. soap box

    Trump vs. Pence

    https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/trumps-claims-that-pence-could-overturn-election-are-wrong-former-vp-says "President Trump is wrong," Pence said. "I had no right to overturn the election." https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-slams-old-crow-mitch-mcconnell-pence-he-was-wrong-2022-2...
  13. soap box

    Take the J6 quiz, find out what you didn't know

    I see dozens of posts, on all sides, that have a premise that's simply not true. Some of these misunderstandings are totally partisan filtering of the facts, but sometimes it's from incomplete media reports. Occasionally the facts that aren't well known are important in understanding what...
  14. soap box

    Do you want Donald Trump to run for President in 2024?

    Funny thing about a question like this , how does a person go OT? I guess a reply might be about anything. So go ahead and tell me all about it. Keep it civil and you can post anything . Please , if you mark 'maybe' or 'other', please tell us why, thanks.
  15. soap box

    Mail-in ballot applications REJECTED in TEXAS !

    https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/texas-rejecting-hundreds-of-mail-in-ballot-applications-under-new-voting-rules/ AUSTIN (Texas Tribune) —" Hundreds of Texans seeking to vote by mail in the upcoming March primary elections are seeing their applications for ballots rejected by local election...
  16. soap box

    Who's got the true facts about J6?

    There is a mathematical understanding of random events. There is a scientific understanding of cause and effect. Neither is perfect for an examination of political events since we can’t remove all the variables and test a hypothesis. But we can discuss whether or not the facts lead to a...
  17. soap box

    Is violence justified?

    All votes will be seen. You can see the results before voting, You may change your vote. Please be so good as to explain, or just leave us a note, if you vote 'other' . At the moment, I intend to be mostly hands-off, I don't intend to argue much. It's more fun if folks give some specific...
  18. soap box

    Crisis at the border

    Eyewitness reports from the US Mexico border, everything is on fire, hordes of shoeless immigrants with guns and covid roam the streets looking for victims, drugs on every street corner. Old women and babies have been relocated to Minnesota for their safety. The Rio Grande has an illegal ferry...
  19. soap box

    Look what they done to my dino ma

    https://www.megainteresting.com/science/gallery/facts-about-tyrannosaurus-rex-881590589406 When I was kid we had NINE planets. But this is unacceptable. Do you realize how disappointed the boys of the world will be when they find out that the most obnoxious, most wild and fearsome dinosaur-...
  20. soap box

    Let us have hope

    https://www.nrm.org/2012/10/collections-four-freedoms/ Happy Thanksgiving !
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