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  1. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Ethics and Ideology (Abortion contras)

    Ok. Here is a clean thread with no one in it and no confusion from other posts.
  2. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    IF you want to talk about the other topic, do so calmly in the thread I made called "Ethics and Ideology." To prevent problems of fast page turns, only we should talk. Discuss your problems calmly there, and I will address them. I have far more time now that I am off. Do not do so here, since it...
  3. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    I already explained why you are wrong on the first half, but try to listen calmly. 1. The fact that someone does not adhere to everything he says you ought to do does not logically invalidate what you ought to do. What you do is an IS occurance, while what you ought to do is a normative one...
  4. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    Yes. Childre who are born and are not classified as alive when having been born are dead. And? Children from birth to purberty are not sexually mature. And? What is the relevance of this. These are total non sequitors to rights or moral consideration. What theory gives moral consideration due to...
  5. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Political Party Stances are Completely Arbitrary

    IF you reallyw ant to know where the core of modern Liberalism gets its philosophical basis, look into Utilitarianism and John Rawls' Theory of Justice as Fairness.
  6. Technocratic_Utilitarian


    I fail to see how any rational individual can honestly think Anarchy can work. It can't. It's a horrific system unless modified to the point at which it no longer resembles actual anarchy. The term anarchy itself connotes badness, lawlessness. The State will always be necessary in some form or...
  7. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    If straight marriage is OK...then why not polygamy?

    The only problem I can see with Polygamy is that it would be very difficult to ensure benefits for everyone. If they were to have it, it is not wrong in and of itself, but the benefit distributioj is the problem. You can't expect the government or workplaces to cover/insure/provide all for the...
  8. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    1. Let us examine your points. I will try to be as specific as possible. 1. Yes. I know a fetus is alive and a dead person isn't. That's a valid point, but that is not the point that was made earlier. The vast majority of anti-abortionists use the argument: "you cannot kill it, because it is...
  9. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Where are the socialists

    I think it depend son what you mean by "socialist." I support government interevention, regulation, and social programmes. Does that a socialist make?
  10. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    Again: I don't see relevance in something being alive, especially when you factor in your argument points about DNA uniqueness. That doesn't make something valuable. Your argument, that I see, is essentially::" Zomg! It's got unique DNA and the potential to be sentient! We must treat it with...
  11. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    What is it?

    It is an inert clump of cells. A fetus, in the early stages, is merely undifferentiated clumps of nonsentient life. It's no different from scratching your ass and killing skin cells. It's entirely irrelevant whether or not the DNA is unique or that it is an individual entity. So is a carcase..
  12. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    The pro choice philosophy...

    And when you make the choice to have sex, you can always have the choice to undo its consequences due to the wonders of modern medical technology. Bye-bye fetus pie! Problem sovled. No responsibility required. And that's a good thing, to quote martha stewart. The whole "punishment for sex"...
  13. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    How would Libertarians handle pollution?

    They'd argue to deregulate it and let the magic weapon of Capitalism--the Invisible Hand(TM)--endeavour to solve the problem. While this metaphysical device does its work, we die of pollution inhalation and groggy water. :lol: The hand worketh its magic in mysterious ways, sayth our Lord Smith...
  14. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Maybe I'm Crazy, but Racism for Control????

    Well, I am not sure exactly what you are asking, but the very concept of racism in american society did not exist originally; it was, to an extent, a fabrication borne of economic or class conflict. The early aristocrats, planets, and elite rich of the colonies of teh 17th and 18th centuries...
  15. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Why is private school performance better than public school

    As someone said, one major problem are the teacher's unions. Unions can be a good idea, but not to the extent these have gotten. Those need to be fixed, most definitly. You can hardly fire incompetent teachers. However, that is not the only problem, and some of the problems are quite intrinsic...
  16. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    why admire napoleon?

    Because Napoleon was extremely influential in spreading a formal, codified law and influencing the culture of western civilization. That's one reason.
  17. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    History books that warrant a good reading

    A good book--well, a few of them: I am recently working on a text called "The Third Reich." The Hitler Myth is also good. Scarecrow might like that one if he is into pre WW2 germany.
  18. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Utopia Nonfiction or Fiction

    Well, Utopia means: Nowhere. So no, with our technology and culture,there can be no such thing as Utopia, becauses, unless you mind-control everyone, not everyone will believe the same thing you do or agree with you. That's a problem. Untill the day comes in which we can change that, it will...
  19. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    Religious tolerance...except for Scientology?

    I see no reason to respect or tolerate such absurdity. It is a pyramid scam and a cult.
  20. Technocratic_Utilitarian

    War on Proverty, no more War in Iraq

    What a wonderful strawman of reality this post was.
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