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    Mental Health Care Coverage/Parity

    For almost a decade different acts and bills have been passed to promote 'Parity' for people with mental health illnesses. The argument for such acts as the Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act is that parity allows for people with severe mental illnesses to get the same coverage from their...
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    How stuck in your ways are you?

    I was wondering if people would please post what someone who opposed them on an issue would have to do to win them over?
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    Liberal traitors

    Why is it that whenever a person seeks to question what their government does 'Good Americans' jump out and scream 'Traitor' and 'Liberal American Hater'? What is so awful about questioning ones government? In my mind someone who questions their government loves their country more than someone...
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    just a little question here....when your bored do you just start new forums about some of the wierdest things. to every one else. do you?
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    under funding in schools

    The American public school system is so drasticaly underfunded that some schools cannot afford text books. Class sizes in grade school can reach forty to fifty kids for one teacher. Under the no child left behind act schools that do not meet criteria are punished by having their funding slashed...
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    Controle of Govornment by the wealthy

    In history we have countless examples of imperialistic empires rules by a small group of socially elite. This minority of elitists held power by keeping the people they ruled in a state of ignorance that insured that no one could arise with the intellect necessary to oppose them. Indeed no one...
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