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  1. HU-210

    An Atheist meets God

    Found this article on another website. It's a long read, but a very interesting one, so I hope the moderation will allow it. Please remember that this is fiction. My name is not Hubbard :P Mr U Read on: http://www.itsallpolitics.com/an-atheist-meets-god-vt8174.html
  2. HU-210

    Internet; ethical implications on global on information distribution

    A somewhat long title, but the subject sadly does not lend itself to a unified term. Now, I'm not one to condemn the internet on any basis, myself using it on a quite, as I perceive it, aware level of its advantages and disadvantages, I do wish to ask what other people feel about the ethical...
  3. HU-210

    Ecce HomoUniversalis

    Guess I missed this section. Anyway, I'm a dutch student in psychology aged 18 with interests in philosophy and politics. I'm libertarian and despise the stigmatising and diabolising of one's opponents. And since you don't have a dutch emoticon on that large list, I will make an attempt here at...
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