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    Free Ebook: Crisis #14 - Thomas Paine Writes Again, 19th April 2011

    Free copy of the April 19th special edition of Crisis #14 Crisis #14 is a new book by Amitakh and Steffan Stanford that deals with "liberty in crisis". Crisis #14 - Thomas Paine Writes Again Direct Download: http://www.flyingbuffaloes7.net/Crisis%2014%20194.pdf
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    Crisis #14 "Thomas Paine Writes Again"

    Crisis #14 "Thomas Paine Writes Again" (Chapter 22: Abraham Lincoln vs Queen Victoria & Co) Why is there so much opposition to liberty? This book provides many answers to these questions. Hint: who were the tyrants in the American Revolution? Who was behind the Burr conspiracy? Who impressed...
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    Jesus the Spiritual Warrior vs Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb

    There are many sincere, good people who are Christians but are fooled and caught in the trap of the roman church and its bible. This is a spiritual article written by a believer, but to mainstream Christians it may seem more skeptical and more antagonistic than blank atheism. First, let’s take...
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    Global Warming is real, but not primarily man-made

    It is most likely that Global Warming is real, but that its causes are mainly natural. Critics will now probably say that it is convenient to blame it on the earth instead of blaming it on humans. A case could be made that incandescent light bulbs are indeed more enjoyable than fluorescent...
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    Commonwealth Games – Commonwealth Glory

    До Свидания #13 Commonwealth Games – Commonwealth Glory by Amitakh Stanford 4th October 2010 The current Commonwealth Games serve to remind us of the glorious British conquests and that Queen Victoria crowned herself Empress of India. Australia is amongst the many British colonies, and is part...
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    Shut Down the Federal Reserve?

    Are the fraud allegations from the article urging to Shut Down the Federal Reserve accurate? Why is there so little education about the Federal Reserve in the media, schools and universities? Why is the Government Accountability Office not allowed a full audit of the Federal Reserve? The...
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    "rights for the rulers" versus "rights for individuals"

    The conventional political spectra are corrupted. Political spectrum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Though the descriptive words at polar opposites may vary, often in popular biaxial spectra the axes are split between cultural issues and economic issues, each scaling from some form of...
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