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    A Lot at Stake in Iraq

    so you care about the dead ones, but dont care about the ones that will die. nice logic. as a result of the democraps stupid decision to pull out AQ will be in control. you missunderstood me. ;)
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    Same-sex marriage: 7 states OK ban -- but it trails in Arizona

    I gotta tell ya, with some of the nonsense thats been going on around this site lately, the fact that you would claim I have crossed the line is pretty commical. consider that a polite response to your polite notice.
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    Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks: UK official

    and untill you provide a link with some proof, its complete BULL SHAT. thanks for playing.
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    Plutonium Found in Iran Waste Facility

    clearly nothing more than fear mongering from the evil Bush administration.
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    Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks: UK official

    nope. please provide a link. and provide the entire quote. even the part that says 70% of those have been killed by the very terrorists you think we should leave the country to.
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    Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks: UK official

    LMAO. now we pre emptively attacked AQ. you guys on the left just keep getting more and more funny by the minute. and in case you didnt hear, AQ is responsible for 9-11
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    Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd

    8 years vs 8 months. yep its so easy to see how you could come to that conclusion. I can only know from what I read. Thanks for clearing up what we already knew. of course you do!! you complain that he didnt warn us about 9-11, and then call him a fear monger when he does warn us...
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    A Lot at Stake in Iraq

    the concequences will come from the stupid decision to pull out, and allow the deaths of untold numbers of people. AQ will controll Iraq, and they will have the democraps to thank for it.
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    Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd

    and you, like so many of Clintons supporters refuse to admit there was 8 years of innaction that helped lead to 9-11. you can hardly tell from the dance you are doing. I stated and you shot back with hardly a response showing your bi partisanship and willingness to place blame equally on...
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    Warrantless wiretaps unlikely to be OK'd

    and every day on this very board he is accused of being a fear monger for responding appropriately. those with a political agenda will always find fault. im simply condoning the government be allowed to do what it has always done. it is people like you, with a political agenda, that want to...
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    Al Qaeda seeking nuclear kit for attacks: UK official

    This is precisely why we should leave Iraq and not bother the AQ members there. We are only angering them. If we stop now, they will simply decide to no longer threaten us and will get along peacefully with the rest of the world. :roll:
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    Clinics ask how O'Reilly got abortion records

    no (see how easy that was)
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    A Lot at Stake in Iraq

    you have it all wrong. they support America. they support the troops. they are patriots. :roll:
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    Do you think Terrorism could bring down the US Government?

    ive been telling you that for weeks. finally you get it. ;)
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    All things being equal which is the most ideal way for a child to be raised

    another individual proves himself unworthy of intelligent conversation. welcome to the ignore list. :2wave:
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    the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan.....

    Cherokee, check out some of the exchanges hes had with me. to see him accuse anyone of a personal attack is downright commical. heres one I read this morning..... and its pretty obvious he likes to deviate from the topic and resort to some attacks himself. pot.......kettle
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    Iran warns on Israel destruction

    so by this comment, I take it that Iran is in full compliance with UN demands? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,229217,00.html?sPage=fnc.world/iran someones falling for B.S. propaganda all right, and it aint TOT.
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    Do you think Terrorism could bring down the US Government?

    1. the commission doesnt dissagree with the vice president. 2. "with regards to the attacks on the United States" ie....not in general. spin and twist all you like. that quote by the vice chairman about the entire commissions findings blows you out of the water. also, im not sure why you...
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    When will conservatives accept the fact that Iraq had no WMD or ties to al Qaeda?

    simple. he means that he has never meant what the leftist nutjobs claim he meant.
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    Use Iran and Syria for peace - PM

    I bet if we had been really nice Hitler would have helped us out in the 1940s too.
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