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  1. Johnny

    No Thanks Button

    I see we have a Thanks button to click on. I thought it would be neat if we have a No Thanks button. I'm not sure if that is possible but if it is I think it would be a cool add to the forum. Thoughts?
  2. Johnny

    Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey

    I don't get why they're doing a survey anyway. The military should not discriminate. Period. But what gets me is the fact they're asking spouses to fill out surveys. It's none of the spouses business at all. They're not in the military. There input shouldn't be asked for.
  3. Johnny

    Why does property tax in a free nation exist?

    You buy a house. You pay it off. But you have to pay a tax on it. This is wrong. If you don't pay your property taxes you property can be seized. Which means we're not free people and we don't really own anything. Thoughts?
  4. Johnny

    Doctors should make a lot of money!

    I often hear people bitch about doctors "making too much money" or "their Benzes and BMWs". Well no ****ing ****. What do they go through? 4 years of college, 3 or 4 years of medical school, their residency. More or less 10 years of school and training. All that hard work in school...
  5. Johnny

    Amnesty makes me ANGRY!

    Amnesty personally pisses me off. One time my wife and I went to the embassy to look into how to bring her to the states in case we ever want to move back. My kids are dual citizens. Anyway, I watch these politicians and people support amnesty and WTF? I have to go through all of this red...
  6. Johnny

    The Enviroment is Fine

    George Carlin speaks words of wisdom as always. This segment is on the enviroment. Enjoy. :) YouTube - George Carlin The Planet Is Fine
  7. Johnny

    Socialized Healthcare Does Not Work

    I have first hand knowledge of this. I'm an American living in Japan. Japan has socialized healthcare. It's a very unfair system though. What happens is if you don't have insurance or if your job doesn't offer insurance you can go to city hall and get insurance. Sound great doesn't it...
  8. Johnny

    My Introduction

    Hello, I'm really enjoying the forum so far. It's nice to have a place to discuss politics. I may not agree with everyone but I really enjoy reading the posts here. The views I have come from a hybrid of my personal life and my research on issues over the years. There was a time that I...
  9. Johnny

    Selling Your Organs

    I was thinking about this. I find it disturbing that you can donate your organs. But you or your family can't sell your organs. Everybody else, the doctors, insurance companies, the hospital, all get to make money off of your organs except for YOU. I believe we are the owners of our own...
  10. Johnny

    Favorite Late Night Television Program

    Post your favorite Late Night television program here. I was supposed to add a poll. I guess I forgot to click on the poll option. Jay Leno David Letterman Craig Ferguson Other
  11. Johnny

    For those against abortion, how does it's being legal affect you?

    1. How does abortion being legal affect you? 2. How does someone getting an abortion affect you? 3. Why do you care if people get an abortion or not? Thanks
  12. Johnny

    Should the age of majority be lowered?

    Are we keeping kids "kids" for too long? Should the age of majority be lowered to 16? The age to vote, enter contracts, purchase alcohol and all other rights and duties of adulthood. Please state why or why not and what you think the pros and cons would be.
  13. Johnny

    Should married people or people with children get tax breaks?

    1. Should married people or people with children get tax breaks? 2. Do you think this is a fair system? I have to say no. Marriage and having children are choices an it's not fair to penalize single folks through higher taxation just because they're single.
  14. Johnny

    The Military Justice System (UCMJ) needs to be changed!

    It is an extremely unjust system. There are many flaws in this system but for now I will discuss the trial process. United States military jury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I find it completely unacceptable that servicemembers can be deprived of their liberty with such a low standard...
  15. Johnny

    Your views on euthanisia, assisted suicide, suicide and attempted suicide.

    In my opinion, euthanisia and assisted should be legal. I am also against hospitalizing people against their will for attempting suicide. Whether or not we agree with something shouldn't be a reason to ban it. In a free society we are our owners. It's my life. It's your life. As we have a...
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