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    I have only one problem with abortion

    How does the removal of a flesh-ball affect you? How many children that can't be taken care of have you adopted, hmm? Anyway, let's talk about the valuable things we can get from removed fetus bodies! :D
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    I have only one problem with abortion

    What about the bodies after removal? There must be something we can get from their bodies!
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    Not just people. All animals have the ability to take life. Right is not involved. Whether or not we do is what sets us apart from most other animals. Remember though that a fetus isn't really much more than a fleshball.
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    Why doesn't God Protect us from disasters and terrorist attacks?

    Because he doesn't exist. And if he does, he's freaking out right now at how much he sucks at his job.
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    A comic I found.

    http://lohranlife.blogspot.com There's a nice comic there about this very thing!
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    So, how many prisoners do you take into your homes every year? We have lots of them, and they don't really have any place in the world, so if you don't want them killed, go pick one up! Remember, it is a problem with their brains.
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    A thought for you.

    The only thing I can say to those against the disposal of fetuses is this. How many children that cannot be cared for have you adopted?
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    Is it in our interest to stop pollution?

    It's only appropriate to do so because they ARE related. Not just you believe this, buddy. It's not some kind of revolutionary theory.
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    Should Nazi's be allowed on the forums?

    Very intelligent discussion.
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