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    Could this work?

    Its kind of hard to harness the power of something that can travel through the entire planet (earth), and come out the other side unscathed (no loss of energy).
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    Government wants Google search data

    Heres where you have to ask yourself: Is it possible for a government to make the transformation from a democracy to a dictatorship without baby steps?
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    oil-Are we screwed?

    Alternatives to oil are absolutely necessary, and taking control of oil resources is not an answer. It is just wasting time. Clinton/Gore wanted to set goals for finding alternatives, George Bush just wants to get his hands on all he can. Why not? He will be dead before the big crunch anyways.
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    Abortion is murder

    Anti-Abortion is mostly republican base, yet republicans are mostly Pro-war. How come some people see the big picture when they send young people off to die in war, but the big picture disappears where abortion is concerned.
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