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  1. J

    Charlie Crist, an example...

    In my country there is someone who has been socialist, then liberal, then conservative, then independent, and finally liberal again.
  2. J

    By the way ... the commies are now openly stumping for donks

    They are not supported by almost anyone, still they claim to represent the workers and other groups that are mayorities. They don't know their own society.
  3. J

    Glenn Beck U?

    You know that for Glenn Beck, it doesn't matter if people like what he says or not. The only thing that matters is ratings. I have seen today at least five times the words "Glenn Beck", that gives him popularity.
  4. J

    Should burning the US flag in America be illegal?

    Of course! It is the same as betraying the nation that gives you education, food, home, light and that protects your life.
  5. J

    Americans will get new drug business

    First, you should learn to write. ColOmbia is written with O, no with U. If you don't even know how to spell the name of the country I doubt you know anything about it.
  6. J

    Gingrich-America surrounded in PAGANISM!

    Mexico is the most pagan country in Latin America and maybe in the world. Have you seen how they venerate witches, dead men and drugdealers? Their catholic fanatism is not so real because they mix it with pagan beliefs. Other countries in Latin America are much more christian.
  7. J

    Terrorism statistics

    That's old. Colombia has only 2 terrorist organizations. The AUC paramilitaries were dismantled in 2005, their leaders are all in prision or killed by our army.
  8. J


    Every democratic state has the right to intervene in some ways in other states in order to help them improve their democracy. The USA is a democratic country, so it has the right to intervene in order to preserve democracy in the world. If it weren't because of interventionism from the USA, my...
  9. J

    Do you think this country was founded upon Christianity?

    No, it was intended to be a planned to be a diverse country with tolerance to all religions.
  10. J

    Who is the most influental conservative voice in America?

    Glenn Beck of course. Plus, he is one of the few conservative opinion leaders who defends his stances with good arguments. I may not agree with him in most things, but I recognize his good qualities.
  11. J

    Am I Republican, Democratic or Libertarian?

    I am Colombian and I am very interested in american politics but I still don't choose a political party as my favorite. Although I think that I am closer to the two traditional parties and the libertarian party, I still don't like them. I am pro-life, I get angry when someone talks about drug...
  12. J

    Are textbooks really necessary?

    Textbooks WERE neccesary. Now there is internet. Maybe, as Scott D says, Math is the only subject were textbooks are still and will always be absolutely neccesary.
  13. J

    All Venezuelans are very grateful to Russia for its attempts to oppose American

    No, that is not true. Millions of venezuelans hope the USA act soon to abolish their arrogant and corrupted narco-marxist dictatorship.
  14. J

    The PB Truth Movement

    This is not a fault of BP, it is a fault of Obama, Bush, Clinton and every single president since the industrial revolution. It is the fault of two giant political parties that have shared power without listening what minorities say since 1856.
  15. J

    The Unengaged President

    If I were an American senator, I would propose to name McChrystal as a national hero. If I were 51 American senators, I would approve that proposal.
  16. J

    Palin will win 2012 whether libs want it or not!

    I tend to see the USA with the same eyes I see my country, that had a strong bipartidism that lasted for more than a century, but finished with this new millenium. I see that american politics is changing the same way as it happened here.
  17. J

    A List of the Many Political Parties

    More or less the same for me. I have more symphathy for the Libertarians than for the two big parties. However I consider myself 33% Democratic, 33% Republican and 33% Libertarian.
  18. J

    Palin will win 2012 whether libs want it or not!

    I believe that Palin will be the next president. I'm almost sure. And I also think she will seek the support of teabaggers and libertarians and will throw the traditional republicans to a garbage can.
  19. J

    Tea party hurting GOP chances in the fall?

    Currently the Republican Party is a two-headed elephant. The Tea Party has infiltrated the Republican Party and what these primaries show is that the Republican Party today is in fact two different parties sharing the same name and identity. This difference will be more evident the next year...
  20. J

    Gingrich-America surrounded in PAGANISM!

    Of course! The Republican Party creates wars in middle east that kill thousands of people and then claim they follow Jesus' teachings about love and fraternity. That is the biggest contradiction in politics ever seen! I think that both radical conservatives and radical liberals don't follow...
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