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    Practical pro-war solutions?

    What practical solutions do those that comfortably, easily, and lazily choose the war process have for these two massive problems? 1. How are you going to continue with the war process and not finish destroying what's left of Earth's ecosystems? 2. How are you going to continue with the war...
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    How many countries has Russia invaded since 2000?

    I looked at a Wikipedia list and it seemed incomplete for Russia and the US. How many countries has Russia invaded since 2000? How many countries has the US invaded since 2000? I'm just looking for well-reasoned facts; try to keep the sniveling to a minimum...
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    Why are militarism and war good?

    We have a lot of passive, active and a combination of the two supporters of militarism and war. Please post the good things about militarism and war. Thanks.
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    Fat fascist airplane

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    "Is It Finally Time to Defund War?"

    Quoting: Is It Finally Time to Defund War? Along with the harm caused by its outsized greenhouse gas emissions and its exploitation of climate chaos as an excuse for imperialism, the Pentagon wreaks terrible damage by soaking up trillions of dollars in government funds that should have gone to...
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    The strongman role

    T**** is labeled as one. P**** is, too. There are others. Biden is also playing the strongman role via Uncle Sam. I'm thinking that the strongman role is a major portion of what's driving the collapse of civilization. Think about it on the nuclear weapons level; that's the ultimate strongman...
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    This socialist is much wiser than you are

    "The U.S. Military Is Driving Environmental Collapse Across the Planet 1: Keeping Imperialism Running 2: Supporting Oil 3: Harming Indigenous Communities 4: Producing Hazardous Waste 5: Deprioritizing Worthwhile Projects => Defund the Pentagon"...
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    "If Russia invades America"

    How many people have an excessively enlarged amygdala?
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    Humans are Fundamentally Stupid Creatures

    Quote: No other animal consciously destroys the very environment it is dependent upon for survival, except for the human. https://intpolicydigest.org/humans-are-fundamentally-stupid-creatures/
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    Revenge for 9/11

    How much revenge do you figure the US got for the 9/11 attack? There were 2,977 victims, according to Wikipedia. The US has been waging war for over twenty years now, which includes economic warfare (sanctions), which very likely contributed to many more deaths than the direct targeting of...
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    Burning down the house

    US militarism is very probably the number one threat to 'burning down the house,' as in making Earth a living hell, in two major ways. 1. Nuclear war. The US is the most militaristic government on Earth, by far. Russia has a few more operable nuclear weapons in its arsenal than the US does, but...
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    Are you aware of animal abuse?

    With respect: Have you heard of or seen some of the awful shit that humans do to "food" animals?
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    "The War on Democracy- Latin America"

    With respect: Skip to ~44:40 and listen to the CIA guy.
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    Former CIA chief interview

    With respect: A short interview of Uncle "We don't give a damn" Sam.
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    Has the GWoT ended?

    With respect: Has the GWoT ended?
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    45th Anniversary of NREL!

    With respect: I don't know how 45 years was calculated from 1974 to now, but it sure looks to be an excellent investment in public-private solutions to industrialism. Quote: NREL works closely with a number of private partners to transfer technological developments in renewable energy and...
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    For what purposes do Democratic politicians protect guns at all costs?

    With respect: **** This isn't a gun control thread. For what purposes do Democratic politicians protect guns at all costs? The correct answers are: 1. Political power 2. Economic power Those overlap and apply at all levels. A. Republicans protect guns at all costs because guns are one of...
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    massive shooting; firing squad

    With respect: For what purposes did the police shoot this way? Wow. Police fired at least 90 shots at ONE unarmed fleeing/resisting suspect that allegedly shot at police. That's a massive shooting. That's a firing squad. 90 shots by 8 police officers is 11.25 shots per police officer. 90...
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    The two greatest human inventions

    With respect: I'm listening to a Bill McKibben speech and interview. He said that in the future humanity will realize that humans' two greatest inventions were: 1. Solar panels. 2. Noviolent civil disobedience. I agree.
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    This is the twelfth paragraph of this article: Quote: There’s only one way to bring it to an end. That’s diplomacy. Now, diplomacy, by definition, means both sides accept it. They don’t like it, but they accept it as the least bad option. It would offer Putin some kind of escape hatch. That’s...
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