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    Alec Baldwin shooting

    I think the cast and crew who are involved with handling prop guns should receive proper training, such as from the NRA provides, could have prevented such accidents. Like Keanu Reeves received before filming his John Wick movies. But the liberal entertainment industry who are often anti-gun...
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    DHS releases 12,000 Hatians into the U.S.

    Without Covid testing or vaccinations. This is Biden's America, open borders. https://usa.timesofnews.com/breaking-news/breaking-news/dhs-head-admits-12000-or-more-haitian-migrants-from-del-rio-released-back-into-the-us.html
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    Federal judge orders Biden Administration the return of Trump era immigration policy.

    While at first it seems it would fix the border issue, I know in the past the Supreme Court ruled on Trump's Presidential authority on immigration control. If Biden should get the same authority. I still don't understand the reasoning behind it even though they explained it in the article...
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    White House colludes with Facebook 1st Amendment violations

    Press Secretary admits White House working with Facebook on removing claimed misinformation which violates 1st Amendment. First it's racist policies, now government suppressing free speech. https://www.foxnews.com/media/mike-lee-biden-white-house-colluding-facebook-first-amendment-violation
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    Suspected Russian Cyberattack Wipes Out One-Fifth Of U.S. Beef Production Capacity: Report

    First it was a Russian cyber attack on the pipeline, now its meat production. What happened to the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative? Biden do something...
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    Supreme Court's discount's emoluments clause against Trump.

    https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/25/politics/emoluments-supreme-court-donald-trump-case/index.html Supreme Court orders lower courts to wipe away opinions on Trump's supposed violation on the emoluments clause. Nice to see these stupid lawsuits finally dismissed on TDS on Trump.
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    Trumps election loss, is still an incredible win.

    While Presidents are only in office from 4 to 8 years, the effect of Trump is long lasting legacy that will last a lifetime. Democrats are likely to feel its effects years and in some cases, decades from now. Polling is now either inaccurate and/or faked in favor of Democrats. Nobody trusts the...
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