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    Kerry Said...

    A while back in person I heark kerry say in these exact words: "Why are there so many black people in the marine cor?"' (why?) "Theyre the first to die" You know the kerry im talking about
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    This IS Illegal, right?

    Okay we have this teacher called Mr. Bob (name changed) Hes a pretty good teacher, but when they came on the topic of religion, and got to the mormon part, he called the religion a "cu;t" and then said saying stuff such as we worship Joseph Smith, which is completely false. Isnt that illegal for...
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    Columbine Shooting's Effect On Schools

    The Columbine Shooting was bad, I know. But suddenly, in middle schools everywhere, the "outcasts" are being watched upon like goths. In seventh grade they seperated what most would call the "outcast table" without giving a particular reason, and after doing a short study found out lots of...
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    Im new, hi!

    Hello everyone, Im Gideon (no, not my real name). Im new to this forum and fairly new to politics, but politics amaze me and ill try to give well-thought-out opinions on things, and eventually get to know more about (especially the basics of) politics. :mrgreen:
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