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  1. Quid Pro Quo

    The Return

    Nice to see some familiar faces still here! Yes, it's me...your resident smarta** and all-around nice guy. Been about a year, but you know how the Army does it's Soldiers. Anyhoo, I look forward to getting back into the debates and maybe some Word Game...
  2. Quid Pro Quo

    A Novel Idea

    Just had a thought after reading the meager postings of a certain 14 year old...why don't we have established members actually "sponsor" new members? They could be taught how to properly post, and have someone looking out for their best interests for the first few posts or so. Just an idea...
  3. Quid Pro Quo

    Indictments Galore!

    I"M FIRST IN THIS THREAD!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA Please dont erase me. :3oops:
  4. Quid Pro Quo

    cnredd's first lead role in a cartoon

    (insert drum roll here) I've found the long lost video of cnredd's first starring role in a cartoon. And yes, I am going to pass it to you all! http://weakgame.com/?show=3765 That'll be $5 bucks please, unless you are Canadian...in which case, here is a razor...go shave your girl and bring...
  5. Quid Pro Quo

    Halloween Story Compilation

    I, being of unsound mind and extreme boredom due to yet another 24 hour shift...thought it couldn't hurt to start a thread. So, here is the idea: I will start the story, you continue it, and so on...so forth. Try not to end the story, so that others can have a chance to continue on it...
  6. Quid Pro Quo

    Should there be an age limit on drivers license's?

    Having read this article, and noticing it is indeed in Florida, I wanted to get a debate going on perhaps a maximum age limit on having/obtaining a drivers license and/or legally driving past age X. Here's the article: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/10/21/elderly.driver.ap/index.html I think...
  7. Quid Pro Quo

    Bush seeks replacement

    Translation: "Alright, here's the plan Dick. We're going to find us a patsy. You get your men working on another hurricane, I'll give Syria a call."
  8. Quid Pro Quo

    In Memoriam

    I'm not sure if this really has a place here or not, and I would like to ask that if it is allowed to remain...that everyone put their politics aside and not post in debate format. On the 12th, I lost my NCO and another NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in a vehicular accident near a main FOB...
  9. Quid Pro Quo

    R.I.P. Gilligan

    Bob Denver, TV's Gilligan, dead at 70 LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bob Denver, whose portrayal of goofy first mate Gilligan on the 1960s television show Gilligan's Island, made him an iconic figure to generations of TV viewers, has died, his agent confirmed Tuesday. He was 70. Denver, who underwent...
  10. Quid Pro Quo

    Petition to Ban You've Got To Be Kidding!

    Seeing the thread below and drinking my hater-aid, I figured...let's start a petition! The more sigs, the better. Ca: Ban YGTBK. W: Cuz he's a "peckerwood" He contributes nothing to a debate outside of gradeschool name calling and second rate asterisk using. We, the people of DP, set in...
  11. Quid Pro Quo

    China: On Top of the World

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7693580/site/newsweek/ (Disclaimer: This isn't to incite another war thread, or what is right and what is wrong with China. This is to start a discussion on the rising economic value of China and how they are coming into being even greater than America in the world...
  12. Quid Pro Quo

    Hello from an American Soldier

    Hello, Greetings, Bienvenito! Am new to the forums here, but loving it already. I've been in the Army since 1998, got out in 2002, and just got back in last November. Just returned from Iraq for medical reasons, and look to be going back sometime next fall. So...with the brief biography...
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