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  1. peepnklown

    Should Voting be Mandatory

    No. Hell No! It’s a violation of individual freedom. We (Americans) are not servants of the political system. I am so sick of these authoritarian and draconian politicians. What happened to our freedom of choice? What happened to our freedom of speech? :mrgreen:
  2. peepnklown

    The Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked in a Studio

    I believe the evidence that the Apollo Moon missions were real but, the idea that the US government could have or might have or would have faked the Moon missions is not ridiculous nor nonsense, etc. The US needed to win the space race. The US needed to win the Cold War. We could not, would...
  3. peepnklown

    2016 Third Party Candidates

    Since we do not care about the natural-born citizen clause then I vote for Godzilla. :usflag2:
  4. peepnklown

    Should marriage and unions be regulated by goverment?

    Bravo! :mrgreen:
  5. peepnklown

    Should we abolish the States? (read post before voting please)

    The States are sleeping giants. They groggily wake up once in a while and show their true power but, then are lulled to sleep. With a jumble of special interests, career politicians, and crooks I do not know if the sleeping giants will fully wake up. Sadly, what is next? Abolish the States and...
  6. peepnklown

    Are You Registered With, Or Otherwise A Part Of, A Third Party?

    I registered as a Libertarian years ago but, no longer vote.
  7. peepnklown

    How important is voting?

    It’s all a sham, a dog and pony show, a rigged game. Beh!
  8. peepnklown

    Which should be a Senator's primary concern?

    The original role of the US Congress: The Senate is elected by state legislatures and represents the state governments. The House of Representatives is elected by the people and represents the people.
  9. peepnklown

    One click Shutdown for Windows 8

    I recently found out my laptop has a 2nd HDD bay so I have a few choices for my OS drive: 1. SDD 2. Hybrid HDD 3. A larger capacity HDD 7200RPM Once I have made my choice I will load Windows 8 and install Start8 to give me a Windows 7 functionality.
  10. peepnklown

    You and the Status Quo

    I voted for Godzilla as president and everyone else can kick rocks, literally.
  11. peepnklown

    Is it racist to ask for immigrants to speak English?

    Is it racist to ask immigrants to speak French in France? Is it racist to ask immigrants to speak Chinese in China? Is it racist to ask immigrants to speak Spanish in Mexico? I mean, come on people! :lamo
  12. peepnklown

    Time for direct democracy - end electorial college?[W:193]

    First, since a bulk of the American people have no idea how federalism works then maybe you are correct. Second, I haven’t seen a well this poisoned for a decade. Do you mean, which marginal group of the American people understand how federalism works? Third, I identify myself with people who...
  13. peepnklown

    Time for direct democracy - end electorial college?[W:193]

    It is truly sad that federalism and republicanism are almost forgotten in modern times. It is all about the separation of powers and checks and balances to diffuse power. The people created the states and then the states created the federal government. The original design of the American...
  14. peepnklown

    The Need for Regulation: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

    We need federal agents assigned to every American to regulate everything we do! :scared:
  15. peepnklown

    Did the CIA kill John Lennon?

    The FBI (President Nixon wanted to depot/stop Lennon, a critic of the Vietnam War) had about 300 pages on Lennon (1971 to 1972). @Awesome, were you going to prove any evidence?
  16. peepnklown

    Seriously,Why should Obama have a chance?!

    It’s rigged, it’s a dog and pony show, nuff said, or is it?
  17. peepnklown

    Should prostitution be legal and not just for medical reasons?

    I have the sole right to my body and to my own labor services, nuff said or maybe more. If prostitution were legal, it would be a safer environment for both the provider and client. If prostitution were legal, the state will be able to regulate/tax, making it safer for both the provider and...
  18. peepnklown

    Who will you vote for in the 2012 presidential election...

    I do not participate in the dog and pony show.
  19. peepnklown

    Obama's Eligibility to be on Georgia's Ballot

    The 14th Amendment has nothing to do with the eligibility requirements for POTUS or mentions natural born citizens. Title 8 of the US Code (Section 1401) has nothing to do with the eligibility requirements for POTUS or mentions natural born citizens. There is a difference between natural born...
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