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    How many gop supporters would still like to see trump run again in 2024?

    Is trump still the republican party or has the shine worn off?
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    My recipe for hurricane preparedness appears to have worked.

    I was concerned enough to go get some sandbags for the house but my real preparedness came from setting off M-80's in the backyard. I remember trump mentioning nuking a hurricane so I thought I would try it on a smaller scale and sure enough we skirted the hurricane without even losing...
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    Other than stunts like checking trucks at the border and shipping asylum seekers to democratic cities, what is the gop offering america in 2024?

    What is the party's platform as far as policies or is the gop still running on the wait and see like trump did in 2020? What is the gop offering america towards a more perfect union?
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    Who on here still wants to try to tell the rest of us Trump is innocent of everything and this is nothing more than a witch hunt?

    Witch hunt, TDS, lies and trump haters, this is what all the fuss is about concerning trump, he's innocent of any wrongdoing. Who still wants to stick by that belief? Don't be afraid to step up and comment you handful of trump supporters on here, right after @Mycroft snags the number two spot.
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    It's final, the ny witch hunt strikes first, it was only a matter of time until we found out which trump hunt would file a lawsuit first? Which hunt will be next to file charges, georgia?
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    Herschel, I'm a country boy, not real smart but I'll do my best in the upcoming debate october fourteenth.

    I thought he graduated at the top of his class in college?
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    Florida republicans, what are your thoughts on DeSantis spending your tax dollars to send asylum seekers from texas to northern states.

    With all the bitching the gop does about how our tax dollars are spent, is this latest move by DeSantis ok with you? It's not ok with me.
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    Every day I sit and wonder, how did the republican party get to where they are today, full of hatred and anger with talk of killing democrats?

    Killing your opposition, literally, murder. How is this talk even tolerated? You folks on the right tell us about your great patriotism while you're beating the hell out of cops on the steps of the capitol building for god's sake. Every day on here it is one complaint after another, nothing good...
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    Lies and half truths. Since I live in flori-duh I'm almost at the point of overdosing on DeSantis and his cruel antics, so it got me wondering?

    What is it about people like DeSantis, Abbott and Trump that makes people want to vote for them? Is this the best the gop has to offer, angry white men full of lies and half truths who have mastered the art of cruelty? Any stunt to 'own the libs' is acceptable even if it stops commerce from...
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    Should state governments have the authority to overturn the vote of its citizens if they do not like the outcome?

    Should your state government be able to disregard the will of the people and instead certify the 'winner' as the person who actually lost the popular vote?
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    Should every state have the abortion issue on the ballot come november for the citizens to vote on instead of the politicians making the decision?

    If the issue is not on the ballot for the citizens to vote on, then it would be safe to say it is not the will of the people to ban abortion, it is the will of the politicians.
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    Should 'for life' positions exist in american politics?

    I think not. In my mind, a for life position invites arrogance and corruption.
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    Something for the gop to think over and particularly the georgia voters.

    Herschel Walker for u.s. senate. This is what the gop is offering the folks of georgia and to the u.s. itself if he is elected. Has the gop no shame at all any longer? Here's a snippet from an article on yahoo... Does anyone who has watched Walker on the campaign trail believe that he has the...
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    Since we love to talk about money in america, after all it is our real god, how much in total will elections garner from wherever the money comes from

    I'm sure it's untold millions of dollars so those with can have not equal, but a much louder voice than either yours or mine. Should there be caps on how much money an individual or corporation can give to a single candidate? Who doesn't want to see where Soros' money goes and maybe mr, koch too?
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    How many lies will gop candidates have to tell their base to 'win' in the midterm?

    I've noticed that several of the we want a national ban or abortion candidates seem to be changing their mind, or are they just saying something different now that they've fired up the women of america with their antics? Are they going to try to use the economy as an issue? The price of gas and...
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    For folks on the right. With all of the lies trump has told, how do you keep supporting him?

    Send money for the wall, send money for my defense, send money because I'm asking you to send money because as a billionaire I need your money to pay for the....fill in the blank. He is under investigation from several directions before the documents incident. If you support trump at this point...
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    Where do our 'rights' come from? God, the constitution? Neither, both are bullshit?

    Did we have no 'rights' before the constitution? Or have our rights always been there because they were given to us by god? If it's god, where in the bible does it say we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Or is it all just shite we've made up ourselves? We all know we...
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