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  1. XShipRider

    UN Downgrades Man's Impact on the Climate

    You're probably more right than you'll realize in your (or my) lifetime.:)
  2. XShipRider

    Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness

    Your source certainly is unbiased. One look at their homepage makes that clear. Factually accurate? Well, they spelled the names right and got the dates right. As for news? None of this is some new revelation. It's no secret we supported Saddam during the Iraq-Iran war and skirmishes. The...
  3. XShipRider

    The Problem With Public Schools-Teacher's Unions

    I have to disagree here. The rest of the debate be darned, I'm only talking about this line. My son and daughter have been providing "private property" school supplies for quite some time. The school board made this decision to have parents provide some basic supplies so the school didn't...
  4. XShipRider

    Where U.S. should get immigrants from.

    Anywhere as long as they enter through proper legal channels.
  5. XShipRider

    Hillary Fights making ILLEGAL Immigrants ILLEGAL!

    So you're saying that more illegal immigrants enter the country via plane than sneak across the Southern or Northern border? I have to ask where you could find data to support that assertion? The relative ease [sic] to walk across the border compared to the post 9/11 airline security for entry...
  6. XShipRider

    Good News!!! Gas Prices going Up...

    "Wait. Stop. Don't." Willy Wonka. Gas prices going up...? Frankly, I'm shocked.:mrgreen: Price of gas in 1970 vs. today... 1970 - $.50 / gallon 2005 - $2.52 / gallon Difference after adjustment for inflation = zero. http://www.westegg.com/inflation/
  7. XShipRider

    Iran tests another supercavitating torpedo

    Option Z: Kill the delivery vehicle (ship or aircraft) before it can launch. Problem solved.
  8. XShipRider

    Terrorism definition depends on Target

    This is exactly why I won't shop there.:doh
  9. XShipRider

    Vote to impeach Bush

    One problem with their site... it reads, "Want to remain a constitutional democracy?" We're a republic. Another minor issue... what's to stop 1 person from filling out the form several thousand times?
  10. XShipRider

    so how many people has the U.S. murdered throughout history....

    Yeah, we followed the German model with regard to London. Truman made a very tough decision and the bomb was bigger than anything then previously known. Anyone who thinks he made this decision irrationally, keeping in mind the era and thinking of the time, is nuts! Germany would have used it...
  11. XShipRider

    Eminent Domain is Theft

    I agree with the title.
  12. XShipRider

    NYT Abandons Reporting for Assertion

    I heard on an Akron news station they were five former FISA court judges, not current.
  13. XShipRider

    Earthquake Rocks Iran

    Thank Allah they're playing with plutonium on such stable ground.
  14. XShipRider

    Hillary Fights making ILLEGAL Immigrants ILLEGAL!

    Fences are not meant to stop. They only deter, slow-down or dissuade much like locks on doors. Not every illegal immigrant will want to scale a razor wire fence. The fence idea, though I too think it's ludicrous, is window dressing gone mad. This is a typical knee-jerk approach to border...
  15. XShipRider

    What's wrong with alcohol

    Alcohol the cleaning solvent? The fuel additive? The brewed or distilled beverage? Like Grandma used to say, "Everything in moderation."
  16. XShipRider

    Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) Assaults Cop

    The racist bum should be shot!;)
  17. XShipRider

    Obscene United State Supreme Court judge?

    Re: Scalia Gives a Sicilian Gift Civil servants? A guaranteed lifetime position with good pay and no boss... yeah, one heckuva life of servitude.;)
  18. XShipRider

    Is the building of new nuculer power plants a good idea.

    I'm happy you knew I was only ribbing you. Too many at debatepolitics.com would have taken it as some sort of personal attack, coming unglued then counterattacking. I'm not for building more plants. I would have nothing against more plants if we could just find a way to either a) safely...
  19. XShipRider

    McCarthyism Watch

    You can stop watching .... ...he's DEAD!
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