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  1. Teh Internets

    This is What Winning Looks Like

    This Is What Winning Looks Like (Full Length) - YouTube I found this video to be quite interesting, check it out if you have the time. Feel free to offer your thoughts on the War in Afghanistan as well.
  2. Teh Internets

    Who's greedy again?

  3. Teh Internets

    Pre-Revolutionary France and the Post-economic collapse United States

    Do you think the United States after defaulting could resemble France in 1792? Considering that a lot of people in this country could be cut from entitlements and left jobless and homeless. Also that there is out of control spending, debt and a very dissatisfied middle class with a very, very...
  4. Teh Internets

    Made In America

    Made in America: The Comeback - Yahoo! Finance A little good news never hurts.
  5. Teh Internets

    The Superbowl

    Who will Win?
  6. Teh Internets

    Education reform

    If you could reform the education system, how would you do it?(I would be very interested to get any teachers opions here.) If I could reform the education system I would extend school days and enforce year round school. Then I would raise general standars for all students. After that I would...
  7. Teh Internets

    Who will be attening the restoring Sanity/fear rally?

    So who is going?
  8. Teh Internets

    O'Reily on the View

    Funniest S*** I've ever seen. Goldberg, Behar walk off ‘View’ set during O’Reilly interview | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News
  9. Teh Internets

    Christine O' Donnell- Evolution. epic fail

    Sorry if it's been posted but this one is pretty bad. Christine O'Donnell: "Evolution Is A Myth" Sorry if the video doesn't work. :b
  10. Teh Internets

    If you were the president of the United States...

    If you were the president of the United States (or the leader of the country that you live in) what would you do?
  11. Teh Internets

    Which joke is worse?

    Your mother jokes Thats what she/he said jokes Simple poll
  12. Teh Internets

    thread 4 teh lolz

    What if the united states annexed Mexico and made all illegal aliens U.S. citizens? Wouldn't it prevent American jobs from being taken by illegals? -An english speaking american would probably get a job over a non English speaking Mexican -Employers would have to pay mexicans and Americans the...
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