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  1. Columbusite

    Going Back to Square One: Getting Political Labels Right.

    All over this site people, myself included, have to varying degrees improperly used certain adjectives incorrectly to describe others political beliefs. I think we need to come to some sort of common ground on this before moving on to any further topics to avoid confusion. So many labels have...
  2. Columbusite

    Peak Oil and what it means for our way of life

    I'd like to start an intelligent discussion on Peak oil, so the ignorant need not apply, ie those who say "we have alternative energy, so no need to worry". I want people who are at least relatively knowledgeable on the subject to give input. The fact is, alternative energies presented so far...
  3. Columbusite

    Bill requires OH public schools to display state & national mottoes

    House Bill 184, signed into law by governor Bob Taft, will require all public schools to display any donated copies of the state and national mottoes. This legislation was pushed for by (conservative Christian) Moms for Ohio whose director had this to say, “Sometimes the most meaningful gift...
  4. Columbusite

    Arabic Language Thread

    اين اناس الذي يتكلم الغة العربية؟ اريد ان ادردش معهم اذا يجدوا هنا Oops, hold on, I think it's the FBI. :)
  5. Columbusite

    If straight marriage is OK...then why not polygamy?

    Just thought I'd ask this in response to another thread (similarly worded except I replaced "gay" with "straight"), since this is the question that we should be answering and all too many people don't consider it.
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