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  1. BCR

    How does Jesus forgive us for all of our sins by dying on the cross.

    This was something I always asked myself when I still believed back in early high school. I never did ask anyone else though, I was to embarrassed to. Know that I think about it, I realize, it makes very little sense. How does the supposed "Son of God" dying on a couple pieces of wood=...
  2. BCR

    "Don't ask, don't tell" cost tops $50,000 per expulsion, study finds

    "Don't ask, don't tell" cost tops $50,000 per expulsion, study finds - CNN.com Glad to see the GOP and the military were more than willing to spend 50,000 grand per gay just to keep them out. Not to mention many of them were in very skilled positions.
  3. BCR

    Has anyone been harmed due to information released by wikileaks?

    Every morning I turn the radio onto the republican station and listen to the likes of Rush and Hannity go into meltdown over this whole fiasco. Rush says these leaks are Obama's doing and put people's lives at stake. In fact, that's the only thing I hear when people are whining about...
  4. BCR

    DEA outlaws chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana

    DEA outlaws chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs Yet more stupidity stemming from this mad war on drugs. I have numerous friends who use this stuff, the ones who are to afraid to try Marijuana. I warned them that it wasn't just plant matter but unknown...
  5. BCR

    Marijana or Alcohol

    Back in your prime, or even now, what did you find yourself enjoying more??
  6. BCR

    Feds oppose Calif. Prop 19 to legalize marijuana

    Feds oppose Calif. Prop 19 to legalize marijuana | TuscaloosaNews.com This has me fuming. I really question just what kind of freedom we have if I can't even enjoy a harmless joint without facing prison time. Polls indicate that Prop. 19 may very well pass so it will be interesting to see...
  7. BCR

    Who won the Delaware Senate debate?

    I know it's not over yet so this thread is premature but I have to leave and was only able to catch a few minutes, those few minutes were entertaining though. "Do you believe evolution is a myth?" that question clearly made O'Donnell uncomfortable and she refused to answer the question though...
  8. BCR

    What are your opinions on the electoral college..

    I know there are reasons for it and reasons against it but I can't help but ask why bother voting in a presidential election if I am in Alabama? My vote truly is worthless since I'm a Democrat and we all know how the majority in Bama will vote. So for that reason I feel like I'm against it...
  9. BCR

    What is most concerning about Christine O'Donnell

    Safe to say this lady is quite the character, my worst nightmare has come true as there is indeed more than one Sarah Palin and they can even be dumber!! 1- She dabbled into witch craft, dabbled being the key word here people. She only wet her beak shall we say. Never went all the way plus she...
  10. BCR

    Canada's 'prince of pot' gets five years in U.S. prison

    I really feel like the pendulum is really swinging towards legalization, people are finally realizing that it is just a harmless plant that makes you feel good. I don't understand what the government gains by keeping it illegal. Also I wanted to dispel a quick myth, I noticed some...
  11. BCR

    Appeals court lifts ban on embryotic stem cell research funding.

    The Checkup - Appeals court lifts ban on stem cell funding Good, embryonic stem cells could very well be the biggest medical breakthrough of our time. We need to be researching the hell out of it, we could be talking about cures for blindness to cures for paralysis.
  12. BCR

    Obama to lay out new economic plan Wednesday

    This recession has been rough, progress will be slow which I think a lot of Americans still don't realize. I think a lot of people expected Obama to come in and with a flick of his finger drag us out of this recession. Would we have been better with McCain though? I am fairly certain he would...
  13. BCR

    Were the Gospels eye-witness testemonies?

    Some think that the actual apostles did indeed write these, despite the fact that they mention the fall of Jerusalem, 72 A.D. though they date it earlier make it appear as if it is prothetic. Anyways after looking around it appears the earliest of the gospels was written around 60 A.D. So the...
  14. BCR

    How long will it take for people to give up on Jesus coming back

    Hypothetical question...It's been approx. 2010 years since Jesus died, he has yet to return. That's a pretty long time but he still has a massive following. So.. How long before you think society would just give up on the notion that he is returning. 2,200 or year 3,000??
  15. BCR

    Does the right (generally speaking) care for the minority?

    Here is a typical scenario I have seen on DP a lot lately. Let's use gay marriage. "The Judge was right to declare this law unconstitutional" some conservative's response "But 7 million people voted for it!!! Way to go judge just disregarding what the people want" This could be interchanged...
  16. BCR

    Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Thinks Obama Is Muslim, Survey Shows

    FOXNews.com - Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Thinks Obama Is Muslim, Survey Shows Stupid Fundamentalist Christians making America look bad.
  17. BCR

    Man freed after fatal Toyota crash 'tried everything' to stop car

    Man freed after fatal Toyota crash 'tried everything' to stop car - CNN.com This kind of makes my blood boil, Juries seem to be way too trigger happy when it comes to convicting people. I hope he gets a nice compensation for his prison time and wins the law suit against Toyota.
  18. BCR

    Ground zero mosque wins key vote

    Panel denies landmark status for Islamic center and mosque site near ground zero – Religion - CNN.com Blogs
  19. BCR

    Have you ever lost out on a job due to illegal immigrants?

    Der taking our jobs!!! I have yet to see this honestly..I suppose if you were looking to be a maid or fruit picker.
  20. BCR

    Court denies request for expedited hearing on Arizona immigration law

    Court denies request for expedited hearing on Arizona immigration law - CNN.com
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