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  1. Teh Internets

    This is What Winning Looks Like

    I guess I can sum up the video, it's basically saying that we are handing over the job of protecting Afghanistan to the Afghan police forces. Despite having control over a large part of Afghanistan, it's believed that the police forces won't be able to hold it together on their own. The local...
  2. Teh Internets

    This is What Winning Looks Like

    This Is What Winning Looks Like (Full Length) - YouTube I found this video to be quite interesting, check it out if you have the time. Feel free to offer your thoughts on the War in Afghanistan as well.
  3. Teh Internets

    Should Spanish Be a Required Subject in School?

    I don't think that Spanish should be a requirement, because I highly doubt that there will be a time when people who only speak Spanish (Not bilingual immigrants) are the majority. Most Spanish speakers know at least a little English, and the children of immigrants almost always know some form...
  4. Teh Internets

    Puerto Rico isn't the ONLY place that wants satehood

    If Puerto Rico gets in I hope they go with this design.
  5. Teh Internets

    Electoral Vote contest

    Obama-290 Romney-248
  6. Teh Internets

    Breaking Bad

    Just started the second season here. It's hard to pace myself when all the episodes are right there on netflix.
  7. Teh Internets

    Are we still a democracy?

    Not with the way campaign finance is, the winner takes all system, gerrymandering, the primary election system, and the electoral college. Democracy is a very strong word to describe what we have in this country.
  8. Teh Internets

    Did Mitt Romney go a full 10 years without paying taxes?

    He probably said it to goad Romney into releasing them and revealing any details that could potentially damage his campaign.
  9. Teh Internets

    Company of Heroes?

    I actually just picked it up with all the expansions for $10. It's a pretty fun game, definitely worth the money.
  10. Teh Internets

    When the dollar crashes, setting off a spireling out of control chain of events, what

    Re: When the dollar crashes, setting off a spireling out of control chain of events, "Once again the conservative, sandwich heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor!"
  11. Teh Internets

    Women and government

    Are you, or are you just for the life and liberty of all as long as it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable? (I'm not going to get into the whole, "Is a fetus a human?" thing because it has nothing to do with the point I'm trying to make.)
  12. Teh Internets

    Women and government

    @ Josie It seems contradictory to claim to want the government to not tell you what to do with your healthcare decisions, but also advocate limiting healthcare decisions based on your personal values. A pro-choice stance would compliment your libertarian beliefs much better. The government...
  13. Teh Internets

    Do you believe in God?[W:359]

    Re: Do you believe in God? Nope. 10char
  14. Teh Internets

    If only white males voted

    This is technically true but also deceptive; Lincoln didn't run on a campaign of "I'm going to abolish slavery the second I'm elected.", he ran on a platform of banning slavery in new territories. Before the actual civil war abolitionists were a fringe group. He only made the decision to ban...
  15. Teh Internets

    "The War Against Youth"

    Seems like a chronic case of politicians appeasing their largest voting block without regard for how it affects the rest of the country. The quickest way to end the problem is to get out there and vote, because if you vote enough the government will suck your ****.
  16. Teh Internets


    I think that instead of giving money away we should give people jobs that are created by the government unless you are unable to work; like the first New Deal.
  17. Teh Internets

    American's the Evil?

    So you're switching from idealism to pragmatism?
  18. Teh Internets

    NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote

    My state pride just tripled.:cool:
  19. Teh Internets

    Is 44% true?!

    I've already posted earlier that I'm not it favor of a war for the same reasons you described. I don't see what you're getting at.
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