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  1. Green Balls

    Electronic Cigarettes aka 'Vaping'

    The biggest expense is buying the initial hardware for vaping. After that your maintenance costs are new coils for your tanks and juice. We used to spend about $350/month on cigs. Now we spend about $120 on coils/juice (not counting the additional splurges on subscriptions and hardware).
  2. Green Balls

    Electronic Cigarettes aka 'Vaping'

    Way to go RedAkston! Me and my wife started vaping last October. I have an IPV Mini with a Atlantis tank and a Cool Fire IV with an iSub G tank. My wife has an SX Mini and a Cool Fire IV both with iSub G tanks. If you want a good way to try out juices without having to go to a store I suggest...
  3. Green Balls

    [NSFW] The funny video thread

    Re: A funny LINK Farming makes you rich!
  4. Green Balls

    Nation's Historians Warn The Past Is Expanding At Alarming rate

    And it appears the past has rapidly expanded on DP since I was away.
  5. Green Balls

    Specklebang is terminally ill

    I am also sad to hear the news about Specklebang. RIP.
  6. Green Balls

    Quit Smoking And Started Vaping

    My wife just bought an iTaste MVP 2.0 and it works great. She has the Nautilus Mini tank. She gets pretty impressive clouds and flavor with that setup given it is not a mod. The MVP cost $70 but you can get it for less online. I am ready to upgrade so I bought a Stingray Mod clone and the...
  7. Green Balls

    Quit Smoking And Started Vaping

    I quit smoking a month ago and started vaping. I noticed a thread from 6 months ago but I don't like reviving old threads. Anyone else here vape?
  8. Green Balls

    Norton 360. Is it Virus Protection or a Virus all in itself.

    Norton and McAfee are both crap antivirus that consume your RAM and CPU. I have used AVG for years without any issues. I do scan my computers with other utilities from time to time as a precaution. You really can't trust one piece of software to do everything. I would be a bit concerned if...
  9. Green Balls

    Galaxy S3 won't connect to Windows 8.1

    If you're storing your music on a SD card just plug the SD card into your laptop and take the phone out of the equation. There also could be an issue with the USB port on the laptop. The hardware is getting worse nowadays.
  10. Green Balls


    And to the fella that invented the 00 on a roulette wheel.
  11. Green Balls

    Kevin Trudeau

    I'm still wondering why Trudeau never tried to get into politics. He'd make a great fit in 'Mericka.
  12. Green Balls

    Word software

    Not if you close the program. If your computer crashes while the application was open, then a temp file will still remain.
  13. Green Balls

    Upset parents change baby at Chipotle table.

    Back in the '90s a couple did the same thing at the restaurant where I was working. I asked them to leave as my employee brought out the sanitation bucket and dumped it on the table.
  14. Green Balls

    Toxic salmon?

  15. Green Balls

    Mom passed away this morning . . .

    Sorry to hear. At least she is in peace. My deepest sympathy for you.
  16. Green Balls

    Add A Word To Ruin A Movie

    The Grapes of Khan's Wrath
  17. Green Balls

    What is your vocabulary size?

    Top 94th percentile
  18. Green Balls

    Add A Word To Ruin A Movie

    The Axe Shining The Invisible Tax Man The Incredible Edible Hulk The Green Smile Pulp Poltergeist Fiction The Evil Politician Dead
  19. Green Balls

    You have to be stupid to want to be smart to make money

    I agree you don't have to be smart to get rich. A guy who bought a garbage truck and had help from his sons turned it into Waste Management. He sold the company after several years when he decided renting VHS tapes was going to make money. So he ended up starting Blockbuster. The guy wasn't a...
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