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  1. Peralin

    Phony Candidates

    I think one thing that is extremely important when deciding who to vote for is to consider which candidates actually believe what they are saying and which candidates have changed their views in order to gain public support. I've thought a lot about this and here are my opinions: Barack Obama...
  2. Peralin

    Rick Ankiel and HGH

    I'm from St. Louis and have been a Cardinals fan all my life (18 years). I was disgusted by McGwire's "no comment" in court and despise any payers who use steroids to get an advantage. And now Rick Ankiel, who's been my hero for the past month, is under pressure from the media because he used...
  3. Peralin

    Change and Experience

    "Senator Obama does represent change. Senator Clinton has experience. Change and experience. With me, you get both." -- Bill Richardson, quote from Richardson Stands Out In Latest Democratic Debate - Local News Story - KOAT Albuquerque Richardson said this during the Iowa debate at Drake...
  4. Peralin

    Abortion vs. Contraception

    I was recently thinking about the issue of abortion when I realized something that I have never thought of before: What is the difference between killing a fetus that has begun to grow into a human being and using condoms or pills to prevent them from existing at all? What would have happened...
  5. Peralin

    Democrats, who should we nominate for president?

    I know it is way too early to decide, but I've been watching some of the debates and can't wait for next year's elections. I think that the country is sick of the Republican Party and the Democrats will nominate the next president. I think the Democratic primaries will be closer than the...
  6. Peralin

    Did the refs ruin the Super Bowl?

    First of all, I'm a huge Seahawks fan, so I'm biased in all my opinions. But give me a break! The refs made some terrible calss, and they all seemed to be against the Hawks. Okay, here are the ones I saw: First, the Darrell Jackson touchdown which was called back for pass interference. From...
  7. Peralin

    How are humans different from robots?

    I'm trying to figure this out, but I could use some help. Why do humans make the choices that they do? The brain processes information, and then somehow we think it out and decide. But is it possible to know what choice will be made before the processing begins? Is the brian just a...
  8. Peralin

    For All Pro-Choice Women

    If it was proven to you that the fetus inside of you was in fact a living human child, would you still have an abortion? Prochoicedanielle said that she would, and I was absolutely shocked. I'm just wondering how many people would agree with her.
  9. Peralin

    Trinity: Fact or Fiction?

    Why do people believe that the Trinity exists? Does Jesus ever say that he is God? If so, why does he pray to God? If they were one, Jesus would not be praying to himself, would he? If Jesus did not say that he was God, and there is evidence that shows that Jesus could not be God, then why...
  10. Peralin

    Do you believe in fate?

    Just wondering how many people actually believe that their life is not their own. I personally do not believe in fate, I don't think it makes any sense. But I'd like to know what everyone else believes.
  11. Peralin

    Are abortionists just lazy and irresponsible women?

    I just don't get it. What makes abortionists want abortion to be legal? Why do they think that it is morally ok? Why do they want it to be morally ok? Ok, I'm pro-life, but I'll pretend I'm not for a moment. If a women gets pregnant but does not want to have a child, what makes her choose...
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