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  1. Roundhouse!

    Greatest Military Genius Ever

    I voted for Hitler. Though his motives were dark his methods were infallible. His only weakness was paranoia.
  2. Roundhouse!

    Selective Service Card

    So this selective service card I've gotten in the mail.. What exactly am I signing up for when I fill this out? It says that the penalty for not signing is prison time but I don't want to fill out something that I will get arrested for not filling out. Any insight would be welcome.
  3. Roundhouse!

    The Bali Nine

    Is there much talk of the Bali nine anywhere in the world? I know their trial hasn't started yet but I still can't find any opinions on them. >I know Wikipedia isn't a news source but this basically outlines it< I understand that they were in another country and broke that country's laws, but...
  4. Roundhouse!

    Michael Moore - liberator or slanderer

    I always get so puzzled when watching his films. Especially Farenheit. Is Moore liberating us with the truth or just bogging us down with more propaganda? He talks about Bush et al. and how they always throw lies in our faces, telling us their views are the truth and it's that black and...
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