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    Opinion an event that happened during Clinton

    Ok this happened a while ago its just i want to know what other think about it because it seems like it is not known by many. Its about how Clinton sold US ports to china. Ill try an find an article about other than the one from newsmax which i heard isnt reliable. heres that anyway...
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    Patriots: Liberal v. Conservative

    What I meant by that, is wasn't there a whole thing about having whites who had ancestors as slave oweners pay the family who had their ancestor as a slave. It was also taking it far by having businesses have to fill racial quotas when hiring when they should just hire the best man and not even...
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    The Reemergence of the Religious Left

    I thought the biggest debt was the one FDR started with his whole Socialistic agenda. He is the Grandfather of Liberals and also a secret communist.
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    Patriots: Liberal v. Conservative

    You would still be a proud american if the Liberal movement hadnt hurt our country so much. Lets see, the Liberals have taken welfare to a point where its a waste, abortion made us look worse, and also the whole feminest movement has gotten to a point where its a joke. The only good things the...
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    What is Un-American?

    Yes they say that time to time. But you have to pay attention to who they are saying it about. The average or most liberals are not un-american. But when I have heard them say that they were talking about someone like Cindy Sheehan who called our troops terrorists.
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    Right-Wing "Patriots"

    I don't understand why many liberal say bring the troops back now! Well I have news for you, they werent drafted. So when they die dont blame Bush or the Republicans. That soilder is the one who signed the papers. Also I would say many liberals are accidently un-american such as Sheehan when...
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    The Reemergence of the Religious Left

    The "religious left" if you can call it that is whats demoralizing this country. They are people trying to convert everyone to atheism. Its alright for school to teach a theory of evolution but they can't even say their might have been a God who created it. Both are theories yet the liberals...
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    Patriots: Liberal v. Conservative

    The argument should actually be Liberal v. Conservative and then separately extreme Liberal v. extreme Conservative The average conservative and liberal love the country for what it is and do not want drastic change. Their ideas just differ a little in a couple areas. The problem is the...
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    Race for 2008

    McCain- No point of running because most Republican would not support him. I think he's fake Republican. Look at his Congressional voting record. Guiliani- He is a Republican but too moderate. Condi- I thought she said she wasn't running George Allen is the only Republican I have been...
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    Murtha opens mouth and inserts foot again.......

    You are actually right except i do support the war, when it comes to true conservative, they dont like Bush. I'm a conservative and I do not like him. He is just a better choice than Kerry would have been. But a true conservative would not do all this wire tap bull.
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    Bill O'Reilly an Anti-Semite and more?

    Im Catholic but I completely agree. For example I think it was stupid for some Wal-Mart to require workers to say happy holidays and not merry christman. IMO it does not make a difference what they say to me since it is in good spirit. But I thought it was also stupid that so many Christians...
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    the jewish holocaust caused by HITLER!

    I'm not exactly sure but I think Stalin actuall killed more people than Hitler. I read some kind of death count somewhere but I could be wrong. Also the guy who controled Cambodia killed like 60% of the people in Cambodia.
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    Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannitty are awesome news reporter

    Actually i think most Catholics are Republicans. Because most Catholics are strongly against abortion. And for many people abortion is an issue that will decide on their vote.
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    Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannitty are awesome news reporter

    If you want the truth, their will never me a non-biased news station. The person who produces and the people who write the news stories all have opinions. They may try to write fair but that will not happen. Instead of complaining about the biased news, just take the basic story and interpret...
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    Republican support base

    How can u say most republican supporters are not smart. First off their are probably more dumb democrats than republicans. Im not saying most democrats just a good percentage. How do I support this. Well a most people who are on well-fare did not finish high school. Also most people on...
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    Do you believe that the phrase "Under God" should be in the Pledge of Allegiance?

    why does it matter if under god is in there or not. not a big deal.
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    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!!!

    im really getting sick of hearing about her. It is plain and simple. Shes a wacko.
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    Is a fetus a human being?

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    Question about Liberals

    This is not offend any race just the truth. Why are you liberals trying to trick black people to get votes for next election. Blacks and hispanics should actually be offended by the way the democrats and liberals treat you. They basically say your not good enough and just want to give you...
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    Iraq War Supporters - Now you can help!

    this quote you made "The lives of 2000 of our Brave and counting" proves the war shouldn't be so protested. For a war 2000 is not that many casualties. Sorry to break it to you but war and death come hand in hand. Also i cant do any donation stuff because im only 16 years old.
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